Courageous Mayhem: Irish comic launches Saturday

Courageous Mayhem is a boy’s own adventure style compendium, a veritable who’s who of the Irish comics scene.

Among it’s eighty-four pages are the critically acclaimed Paddy Lynch (Big Jim), Alan Nolan (And The Blood Flowed Green), Phil Barrett (Where’s Larry?) and Patrick Brown (The Cattle Raid of Cooley). There are the adept mystics of comicking like John Robbins (The Well Below), designer Archie Templar (The Pants Of), and editor/publisher Gar Shanley, author of Fugger, one of Ireland’s best comedy blogs.

Like any good adventure comic, Courageous has true facts and wild fantasies above and below the waves, in the streets and the fields. There’s bicycles, bombs, biplanes and bikes and The Bible. If you’re in Dublin tomorrow (Saturday 4th), you’re welcome to the launch party at: The Little Green, 13 High Street from 4.00pm.

Print and digital copies are available from Gar Shanley in the Republic of Ireland, and from myself, Andy Luke, in the UK. Deluxe copies and extended previews are now available online through Archie Templar at Blurb.

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