Crowdfunding Spotlight: BOLT-01: A Tribute To Dave Evans

A brilliant-looking comic anthology tribute to the late, great British independent comic creator, writer, publisher and letterer Dave Evans has soared past its crowdfunding target on Kickstarter – but further support is welcomed.

BOLT-01: A Tribute To DAVE EVANS anthology - Cover
Cover by David Broughton, masthead designed by Michael Carroll

Dave Evans was an integral part of FutureQuakePress for over 17 years before his death in 2021, alongside Richmond Clements and webmaster Barny Shergold – regularly publishing the brilliant independent British comic zines FuturequakeDogbreath and Zarjaz, both of the latter highly-regarded homage to 2000AD.

Unbeknownst to his family and friends, Dave was battling with his mental health and he sadly lost that battle in May 2021.

As letterer Bolt-01, he contributed his unique skill set, honed over decades, to countless independent comic titles across the years, his work deservedly admired and much appreciated. He was as professional and skilled as any good mainstream comics editor I have ever worked with, dedicated to his craft, an integral part of independent British comics, who is much missed.

The 140-page BOLT-01: A Tribute To DAVE EVANS anthology, featuring the work of 60 creators, is more than fitting tribute to him, joining other projects in his memory. These include the Lawless Noble Bolt-01 Award, and Doodles for Dave, which raised money for Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, as will any monies raised through sales of the new anthology, at the request of Dave’s family.

The lineup of independent creators involved is impressive, and there are artworks on offer, too, including original A3 art from the story “Flawless“, in which the Bolt-01 goes to the Flawless convention and meets up with some other dear, departed droids, briliantly done by Garry Wharton.

You can back the BOLT-01: A Tribute To DAVE EVANS anthology here on Kickstarter.

“I don’t want to get into a whole essay here, as if you’re reading this you very likely knew of Dave Evans, or know one of the many creators who have helped make this tribute,” says co-publisher of the anthology, Alan Holloway, on Kickstarter.

“Dave was a comics guy, one of the best. A husband, father, letterer, artist and editor. He oversaw the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath, as well as the independant antholgy title Futurequake. Several future UK comic stars started under Dave’s tutorship (and red pen). He also used his lettering and art skills in many more indie publications.

“In 2021 Dave was taken from us, in fact took himself from us and that just makes it harder to handle. Why? I don’t know, but I know that it can happen to anyone, anyone at all, and if you are one of those wandering towards the edge please talk to someone about it at least.

“Anyway, in 2022 myself and Ed Doyle decided a tribute of some kind would be in order, and we put the word out. Boy, were we flooded by offers from some of the most talented writers, artists, colourists and letterers out there. There really was (and is) a lot of people who wanted to do something to honour and remember Dave.  It was especially nice to have a few professional creators take time out from earning a living to help out.

“A year later, and we have an old school style annual that is way bigger than we anticipated, but there was just too much awesome stuff to turn any away. Over 140 pages await you, dear reader, and it really is a high quality compilation with original material including a few strips Dave edited and lettered for a Futurequake issue that sadly never happened. We are blessed to be able to finally set them free here.”

This is a wonderful tribute to Dave, and it’s in a vital cause, too. Please check it out.

You can back the BOLT-01: A Tribute To DAVE EVANS anthology here on Kickstarter

• In Memoriam: Comics Editior, Co-Publisher Artist and Letterer Dave Evans, aka Bolt-01

Remembering Dave Evans: A Personal Tribute by Richmond Clements

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