Crowdfunding Spotlight: Carry On Cthullu by Grayham Puttock (and other scallywags)

parody, a satire, a lovingly-crafted homage(Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! is a great looking comic currently seeking support on Kickstarter – an entirely fictionalised account of a completely made-up tale… And it’s all true! Even if it never happened…

 (Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! 

(Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! is a 36 page, black-and-white, one-shot comic, written and drawn by Grayham Puttock (Closely, Dogjaw, Longpig).

Somewhere in Winter on the English coast, a location shoot is taking place for the latest instalment in the beloved Carry On series of films, Carry On, Cthulhu! But all is not as it seems, and pretty soon dark and diabolical dealings develop!!

This one is for fans of the Carry On films, of course, and fans of HP Lovecraft, and EC Comics brand of horror.

The comic, which looks great fun, is being offered with a choice of covers, the regular cover by creator Grayham Puttock, Variant #1 by Adam Jakes and Aljosa Tomic and/or Variant #2 by Simon Daniels.

(Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! variant cover by Adam Jakes & Aljosa Tomic
(Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! variant cover by Adam Jakes & Aljosa Tomic
Simon Daniels' (Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! Variant cover WIP. Fully painted image to follow
Simon Daniels’ (Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! Variant cover WIP. Fully painted image to follow
Grayham Puttock
Grayham Puttock

(Oh, What a) Carry On, Cthulhu! is written and drawn by Graham Puttock, whose previous work include Closely OGN and the ongoing series’ Circuside and Dogjaw. He’s also co-creator (with Adam Jakes) and writer of the horror comic series Longpig, and he’s provided interior art for Bizarre Dimensions, Glass Hood, and the award-winning one-shot, Red Rocket Comet, written by Matt Garvey.

A love of comics and drawing from an early age inspired Adam Jakes to write and illustrate his own series, The Chaos of Floid and Whatever. He has since abandoned writing in favour of purely concentrating on the art, which has proved to be an excellent decision, as it’s opened up the opportunity to collaborate on numerous projects with many talented writers from the UK, America and Canada, including Cognition with Ken Reynolds, Here and There with Chris Sides and Longpig, with Grayham Puttock.

The variant cover #1 is coloured by Aljosa Tomic, a creator who has been fascinated with pop culture from a young age: TV shows, movies and comics are the things that have shaped his life more than anything else. Freelancing as a colourist since 2006, his first professional work was with Twisted Gate Entertainment.

He has gone on to work for Dark Horse, Markosia, Aftershock, and many other publishing houses, and his comics have received several awards at international comic festivals, including Grand Prix in Veles, Macedonia in 2015 and 2020, and Best Graphics award in Belgrade, Serbia in 2016.

Swansea-based artist known to some as Simon Daniels, and to others as “Chinook”, was sired and birthed in the glamour lands of the mystical kingdom of the Gower, some 50 plus winters ago in the later half of the 20th century.

(Oh, What A) Carry On, Cthulhu! is seeking back on Kickstarter here – the crowdfunder ends on 17th November 2021

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