Network’s new, exclusive “Fireball Xl5” Blu-Ray features new comic and vintage TV Century 21-inspired recreations

An exclusive new Blu-Ray release of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson‘s much-loved, early Supermarionation series Fireball XL5 comes with its plenty of extras, including a new comic strip featuring space hero Steve Zodiac and crew.

Available now from network distributing direct, the series has been remastered in High Definition from original 35mm film elements for an this limited edition set Blu-ray edition.

Fireball XL5: The Complete Series DELUXE LIMITED EDITION [BLU-RAY]

The release includes a brand-new “Fireball XL5” comic by Martin Cater and a new “Robert the Robot” animation, too – plus a “scrap book” recreating vintage items of ephemera, including the most accurate ever reproduction of the free gift Fireball model from TV Century 21 issue 3, which was published in early 1965, complete with perforations!

TV Century 21 Number 3, published in 1965, with a near complete free gift - a cut-out and build Fireball XL5.
TV Century 21 Number 3, as it was published in 1965, with a near complete free gift – a cut-out and build Fireball XL5


The year is 2062, and World Space Patrol ship Fireball XL5 is assigned to Sector 25, where intrepid pilot Steve Zodiac, ably assisted by Doctor Venus and Professor Matthew Matic, faces such dangers as planetomic missiles, explosive gas clouds, space spies, and alien races both warlike and benign!

Network’s deluxe Fireball XL5 box set has already been warmly welcomed by fans, with praise for the generous packaging concept, which includes a brand-new badge and astronaut licence, plus a ‘scrap book’ recreating vintage items of ephemera including the TV Century 21 free gift Fireball model.

Martin Cater’s new Fireball XL5 “photo strip”

Also included is a comic presenting a ‘brand new’ episode of Fireball XL5, “Formula for Trouble”. This has been created by designer and occasional comic creator Martin Cater, using photomontage: episode frame grabs have been cut up, reassembled and combined with brand-new model elements to create an original Fireball adventure, that looks exactly as it would have done on the TV screen.

The technique was developed in an online comic, Lightning 5, also created by Martin, which was given the look of an ersatz Supermarionation production using models and photographic elements, and we can promise more of the same in the not so distant future.


The deluxe Fireball blu-ray follows hot on the heels of network’s blu-ray release of Supercar, which also found room for a brand-new comic, as we previously reported, created jointly by Martin Cater and Bambos Georgiou.

Supercar The Complete Series Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray

“The Million Dollar Duck” is a whimsical tale in the style of the series which sees Masterspy exerting himself in a fruitless attempt to snatch what he mistakenly believes to be Supercar.

This new Supercar strip is the work of Martin Cater and Bambos Georgiou

This serio-comic tale, in glorious black and white, is the first comic strip adaptation of Supercar to appear in print in over a decade, and the first British “Supercar” strip since 1966.

In Supercar, first broadcast in the UK in 1961 and 1962, intrepid pilot Mike Mercury takes to the skies to battle criminals and more, aided by Professor Popkiss and the eccentric Dr. Beaker providing his customary blend of erudition and genius.

Also included in the Supercar blu-ray box set is a book by archive TV historian Andrew Pixley, and a reproduction Supercar pilot licence and badge, re-creating items originally sent out to Supercar Club members in the early 1960s.

Both deluxe box sets are strictly limited editions and are available only from

Fireball XL5: The Complete Series DELUXE LIMITED EDITION [BLU-RAY]

The network exclusive, limited edition set (not available in shops) includes:

• Exclusive, limited edition deluxe packaging
• Brand-new Fireball XL5 comic by Martin Cater
• Brand-new Fireball XL5 scrapbook
• Fireball XL5 WSP Astronaut license and badge
• Robots in Distress: brand-new Robert the Robot animation
• Cloud of a Billion Lights: brand-new Fireball XL5 CD Mini LP audio adventure
• Fireball XL5 home movie show: Walton 8mm cutdowns
• A Wonderland of Stardust documentary
• Drawn in Supermarionation documentary
• A Day in the Life of a Space General colourised version
• Zoom Ice Lolly adverts
• Image gallery

Order your copy here from network direct

Supercar: The Complete Series DELUXE LIMITED EDITION [BLU-RAY]

The network exclusive, limited edition set (not available in shops) includes:

• Deluxe packaging
• Brand-new paperback book on the making of Supercar by Andrew Pixley
• Brand-new Supercar comic by Martin Cater and Bambos Georgiou
• Replica Supercar pilot’s license and badge
• Full Boost Vertical: The Supercar Story documentary
• Audio commentaries with Gerry Anderson on selected episodes
• Archive film material, including background footage, ad bumper and foreign titles
• Bill Mevin’s Supercar Home Movie
• Image galleries

Order your copy here from network direct

Both deluxe box sets are strictly limited editions and are available only from

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  1. What the article does not mention is that this box set will knock you back £60!

    • I don’t generally feature prices in news items, as unlike a print article, a web based article is visible to readers for a much longer period. While in this case, this item is an exclusive, there have been instances where a price has changed over time, and then we get criticism for listing the wrong price. On other merchandise, prices also vary from retailer to retailer, which is why on books I’ve begun to include the ISBN so readers can compare.

      All that said, the price of this seems on a par with that of other exclusives. I would not imagine this item has been produced in huge numbers, meaning the actual production cost per unit will be high, and the price reflects that cost to ensure a profit – so such releases are viable.

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