Crowdfunding Spotlight: ComicScene’s Saturday Comics Box project

Not content with their ambitious History of Comics part work, the ComicScene team are currently working on another huge project, this time not investigating past strips, but creating new ones.

ComicScene’s Saturday Comics Box

The Saturday Comics Box, currently seeking early crowdfunding directly through a model similar to major platforms, is planned as the starting point for a new line of comics, to be released mid-2022. (A wider Kickstarter appeal is also in the works).

No less than twelve, full colour, A4 size, 32-page anthology “sampler”comic titles are being planned, that intend to capture the spirit of classic UK comics with a contemporary edge.

ComicScene, which began its activities with a comic features-based print magazine, now online, is currently running an ‘early bird’ opportunity to pre-order these new titles, closing next month, which include Atomic (Indie), Ballistic (War), Corker (Humour), Emily (a girls comic), Emoji (Modern Love), Falcon (a boys comic), Flame (Fantasy and Magic), Hero 86 (Superhero), Outlaws (Crime), Quantum (Sci Fi), Screech (Horror) and Tokyo (Manga).

When all titles are published, supporters get to decide what remain, merge or get their own specials, a plan that sounds rather like bringing the format of a reality show challenge to comics!

You have the opportunity to pledge a one off fee to support the project, or spread the cost monthly.

All backers will become a member of the ComicScene Comic Club and will also get access to exclusive digital content, which includes 2500 pages of ComicScene, Crikey! and Comic Zines, 400+ pages of ComicScene Annual comic strips, plus digital and web comics that are being added weekly from top comic creators.

The £12.99 a month option for British backers also gives you monthly copies of the 60-page History of Comics magazine. (If you’re a British comic fan outside the UK, email for international options).

If this project intrigues, then check out more details here on the ComicScene web site.

Not content with developing the Saturday Comics Box and continuing the History of Comics part work, ComicScene recently launched the 2021 ComicScene Awards, where you can vote for your Top Five favourite comics – find out more here.

Find out more about the ComicScene Saturday Comics Box project here

(A wider Kickstarter appeal is also in the works)

Find out more about the ComicScene Comics Club project here

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