Crowdfunding Spotlight: Nick Prolix’s Slang Pictorial

Slang Pictorial #3 - Cover

Offering 24 pages of classic cartooning set in 1960s London, featuring “The Sheep And The Wolves“, Slang Pictorial is a retro comic full of big dreams and bigger hair, and another great looking comics project from the talented Nick Prolix seeking backing on Kickstarter.

With a fairly modest funding target the title has already smashed, Nick is now on course to “unlock” stretch goals.


Slang Pictorial #3 - Preview 1

Slang Pictorial #3 - Preview 2

Slang Pictorial #3 - Preview 3

Slang Pictorial #3 - Preview 4Nick has been self-publishing his one-person anthology comic, Slang Pictorial since 2016 and it’s gotten deserved acclaim in the UK from his many fans. The comic serialises his retro comedy-drama The Sheep And The Wolves, a web comic that’s a light-hearted look at the broken dreams and busted schemes of the many residents of a fictional London neighbourhood at the start of the Swinging Sixties, as well as assorted other stories set in the same world.

The story centres on Jimmy Angel, a wide-boy with delusions of infamy and a huge quiff, as he tries to get ahead in the local underworld, his new girlfriend Linda Lemon, a machinist in a dress factory dealing with an overprotective father and an overly amorous boss.

In Issue Three, we’ll meet Ida Darling, intrepid reporter on the local rag as she tries to bust a dope ring in a seedy jazz club.

“By my last count at the end of Issue Three we’ve been introduced to 40+ characters,” says Nick, “and the list keeps growing!”

Regular downthetubes readers will recall how our very own Tony Esmond has raved about the last issue, declaring it “packed full of idiosyncratic and hip characters, each formed between some iconic, hip cartooning and even more sparky dialogue.”  (Don’t just take his word for it though – click here to read a short story from Slang Pictorial #2).

“I produce every aspect of the comic myself, from soup to nuts!” says Nick. “As well as writing each story I pencil and ink traditionally. I even hand letter the comic, which is a bit of a rarity these days, but is fitting for a comic steeped in nostalgia.

“Until now I have funded the printing of Issues One and Two entirely myself through sales made online and by tabling at conventions,” he continues. “Last year. I tabled at 10 events and had an absolute blast meeting new readers and recognising returning fans. I’m coming to Kickstarter for Issue Three partly to defray the production costs, but also to reprint Issue One, which has sold out for the second time!

“It’s my first time on Kickstarter as a creator, ” Nick told Pipedream Comics recently, “and in fact last year was my first time even backing a project on the platform.

“Initially, I was going to just run a very limited two week campaign just as a way for folks who are already reading Slang Pictorial to pre-order Issue Three. When I asked a few other small pressers on Twitter about it though, they really opened my eyes to the possibility of using Kickstarter as a way to find new readers which I hadn’t really considered before.

Backers of Slang Pictorial #3 can grab this collectable character print if they back at the right level

Backers of Slang Pictorial #3 can grab this collectable character print if they back at the right level

So that’s the hope with the Kickstarter, that I can reach some folks who haven’t seen my work or heard of me before.”

We think this is a project well deserving your attention. The art is terrific and the story sizzles with character and comedy.

Check out the Slang Pictorial #3 Kickstarter here

• Nick Prolix is on Twitter @nickprolix 

• Read Nick’s thoughts on why Kickstarter and the background to his comic over at Pipedream Comics

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