Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sinavore, a dinosaur-packed adventure comic

A British independent comics team have launched a Kickstarter for a brand-new action-adventure comic, Sinavore, which is set in the prehistoric past – and not only does it looks great, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get copy, either!

(Well, not unless you annoy any of the supporting reptilian cast…)

Sinavore #1 - Cover

Sinavore begins with a boy from the 21st century – Zeph – mysteriously falling from the sky, into the time of the dinosaurs. From there, he will not only make a new (dinosaur) best friend, but the two of them will have to take on the monstrous tyrant of the land: the giant, evil, skeletal T-Rex known as Sina.

Joining writer Joshua Spiller (Symbolism Rewired, Time Fracture!, The Ogxcun Myth) for this project are artist Richard Waugh (Happy Glory Day, Void of Dreams, McNulty), colourist Owen Watts (Hocus Pocus, Im/Purity, MSD “Perspectives on Vaccine” policy comic) and letterer Rob Jones (Cyberarchy, Nicnevin And The Bloody Queen, and B7 Comics upcoming project, Pilgrim).

It’s a comic that aims to have a broad appeal, insists writer Joshua Spiller. “Not only did I want to write an action-adventure story that I, as an adult, could enjoy,” he says. “But I also wanted it to be completely accessible to younger readers too.

“Think of comics like Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, or Saturday morning cartoons such as Ben 10. That’s the kind of fun, dynamic energy I wanted our story to capture. I mean, Pixar do films that appeal to both adults and children, so I thought, ‘why don’t we give that a go?’”

The physical version of the comic will exclusively be available through this Kickstarter campaign, a key feature of which is that the comic is being offered for only £2 including UK postage (although overseas shipping is offered as well).

Josh Spiller

“Partly,” Spiller, a fervent believer in cheap, quality comic, explains, “this Kickstarter is an experiment. We want to see if there’s a way to make comics really affordable again. Something a bit more like they were in the 1980s, or even before that, where you could, from what I understand, basically buy them for small change.

“We think we’ve found a way to do that. But it’s a business model that relies on a high number of low-paying customers. Kickstarter is our safe way of testing whether that’s achievable.

“And, I mean, a 28-page, full-colour comic, including UK delivery, and which comes with the added warm glow of knowing you’re helping a group of creators realise a project they’re passionate about, all for a mere £2?! I don’t think you can say much fairer than that.”

The Kickstarter-exclusive print version of Sinavore #1, along with a variety of reward packages, is available now for a limited time

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Comics creator Joshua Spiller joins SciFi4Me to talk about Sinavore, and making comics cheap again

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