Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Wicker Pasty by Trystan Mitchell

The Wicker Pasty by Trystan Mitchell, publishing as Bigfoot Studio

Currently seeking relatively modest support on Kickstarter is a wonderful looking comics project, The Wicker Pasty by Trystan Mitchell, publishing as Bigfoot Studio.

Offering “a full colour Cornish folk horror fantasia, featuring occult foods and folklore, baked goods and elder gods,” The Wicker Pasty is a 32-page colour comic book written, illustrated and set in the heart of Cornwall, riffing playfully on themes of folk horror and cultural identity.

With a side order of Lovecraft and ritually baked goods, it takes its cues from a darkly whimsical Cornish storytelling tradition familiar to audiences of Footsbarn, Bedlam and Kneehigh Theatre.

The Wicker Pasty opens during a Cornish summer, the festival of Gool Hoggan is in full swing.

Researching an episode for his food and folklore series, podcaster Jack Cousens, at the invitation of a maverick recipe hunter, finds himself in the ancient Cornish harbour village of Pendhu. He discovers a community blessed with exceptional good health and long life, following a faith tradition as old as the neolithic monuments that crown the headland above the village.

The Wicker Pasty by Trystan Mitchell, publishing as Bigfoot Studio
The Wicker Pasty by Trystan Mitchell, publishing as Bigfoot Studio

But when his friend fails to appear, Jack learns more of local custom and folklore, and while the drums in the streets grow louder he wonders how, and to what purpose, a person could vanish from the knowledge and recall of an entire village…

“With flavours enjoyed by a tongue held firmly in the cheek, The Wicker Pasty is baked from several locally sourced ingredients, says Trystan. “A love of the folk horror tales that film and kids’ TV were on fire with when I was growing up on the moors, encounters with old time pellars and charmers in out of the way homesteads, the inventive comedic storytelling of Cornish ‘folk’ theatre and the community traditions and celebrations that still mark out the wheel of the year, alongside the ongoing conversation exploring cultural identity and inclusion…. oh, and a love of pasties.”

The Wicker Pasty by Trystan Mitchell, publishing as Bigfoot Studio

Well, you me at pasties. So, if you’d like to see this smashing looking project brought to life, possibly the first comic book to feature genuine Cornish hedging built in the traditional manner, head to Kickstarter now.

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