Crowdfunding Spotlight: Thunder Child #2

Mad Robot Comics and Madius Comics look on course to secure their ambitious funding goal for the second issue of their smash-hit science fiction, steampunk action-drama comic Thunder Child, now running on Kickstarter, but there’s still some way to go.

Thunderchild #2 wraparound main cover by Kevin Castaniero and Simon Gough (Mad Robot Comics, 2023)
Thunderchild #2 wraparound main cover by Kevin Castaniero and Simon Gough

A three-part reimagining of H. G. Wells‘ classic novel The War of the Worlds, the first issue, The Spectre of a Dying Planet, had a fantastic run on Kickstarter last year and gained a deserved praise from readers and critics alike. Now, the story continues with the second issue, The Impossible Invasion.

In Issue One, beautifully told by the team – writers Rob Jones and Matthew Hardy, accomplished artist Kevin Castaniero, colourist Simon Gough, letterer Rob Jones and editor Fred McNamara – invading Martians delivered their first, devastating blow on an unprepared Earth.

Now the crew of the HMS Thunder Child must decide whether to save the crumbling ruins of a global empire or the rapidly dwindling human survivors of an Impossible Invasion…

Thunderchild #2  - Sample Page (Mad Robot Comics, 2023)
Thunderchild #2  - Sample Page (Mad Robot Comics, 2023)

This is an absolutely stunning looking project, delivered by a terrific team of top draw UK-based talent. Along with a great range of rewards that includes a standout print by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, the independent British comic publishers have also lined up eye watering alternate covers by Lyndon White (Candles, Antarctica) and Gustaffo Vargas (Marvel’s Voices: X-Men #1, Altiplano).

I hope it makes target, because I really want to see how this amazing looking project develops! Good luck to the team…

Check out Thunder Child #2 on Kickstarter here

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