Crowdfunding Spotlight: Time Bomb Comics Bomb Scares is back (and more Quantum, too)

Are you ready to rock your mortal souls to the very bone with a crowded houseful of horror-chocked graphic narratives guaranteed to make the squeamish gag and beg for more?


Bomb Scares from Time Bomb Comics, the horror anthology, has been patiently waiting to greet you once more!

Behind an exclusive cover by Jimmy Broxton, the fearsomely amazing international talents of Hunt Emerson, John Erasmus, Liam Sharp, Alex Nino, Trevor Von Eeden, David M. Windett and many others expect to see you soon…

Bomb Scares #1 relaunches the title that made its debut on the comic scene back in 2015, in a new format, with both colour and black and white strips, and ongoing stories.

To find out more, sign up to crowdfunding site Zoop here

Quantum Secrets revealed!

Time Bomb Comics - Quantum (2023)

If you’re a fan of Birmingham-based independent publisher Time Bomb Comics, publisher Steve Tanner has a dedicated Patreon for the company’s newsstand Quantum anthology. Sign up here.

Articles include insights into the company’s experiences crowdfunding their projects, and tips for success, and articles from creators delving into the development of their characters and stories.

“Time Bomb Comics have been producing quality independent comics in the UK for almost two decades,” Steve explains. “Trying to recapture the excitement we experienced when hunting for the latest issue of a comic in local newsagents we have created the Quantum bi-monthly anthology. A comic that will primarily be available through such outlets.

“But as well as publishing a new British anthology comic we also want to share with you some of the things we’ve learned doing that. We’ll be posting some of our hints, tips and insights to publishing indie comics – or at least the stuff that worked for us!

“All our comic publishing insight posts will be free to read, but you can also join this Patreon for a nominal monthly fee to access exclusive content from Quantum‘s talented comic creators that won’t be available anywhere else.”

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