Dan Dare Audio Adventures producer B7 Media announces Dilation, a new SF thriller

Dilation - B7 Media Promotional ImageUK independent  producer and publisher B7 Media, the team behind the award-winning Dan Dare Audio Adventures, has announced Dilation, a new audio drama co-production with Par-sec Productions.

Dilation revolves around a gifted scientist Amanda Higgs (voiced by Sioned Jones). Missing for over 40 years she mysteriously reappears, revealing her invention from the past, a device designed to solve the world’s energy problems. But the UK now is an unfamiliar, dangerous and fragmented country controlled by the Forman Corporation. Amanda’s only hope for survival is by confronting her controversial past. But who can she trust before it’s too late?

Actress and theatre maker Sioned Jones. Photo: Joel Sams

Actress and theatre maker Sioned Jones. Photo: Joel Sams

“When creating Dilation, I wanted to write something that was entertaining and thrilling, but also plausible and accessible, a projected view of life that people could relate to, says Writer/Director, Max Hochrad of the project. “In fact, one of the themes that crept in was isolation, both personal and political, which, I believe, reflects the current political climate.

“I’m really excited to be collaborating with B7 Media to help bring the story to a wide audience.”

“When we were first approached by Par-sec Productions we were immediately struck by the originality of writer/director Max Hochrad’s work,” says B7 Media’s Executive Producer, Andrew Mark Sewell. “For us, Dilation reflected the production values that have become the hallmark of B7 Media’s audio dramas – immersive drama, creating environments that sound real and lived-in.

“Max has crafted a disturbing near future thriller,” he adds. “A talented yet comparatively unknown cast help to pull you into a story that combines concepts of time travel with a modern political thriller, delivering a truly fresh take on the genre. Suffice to say we look forward to future collaborations with Max and his talented team at Par-sec.”

Par-sec Productions is a new venture in audio drama production, led by Max Hochrad, an award-winning filmmaker, whose work has been shown across television and film festival platforms around the world. The Par-sec team have a range of industry experience across radio, film and music production stretching back over twenty years. Par-sec’s aim is to create fresh, original and speculative drama that appeals to the widest audience possible.

B7 Media is multi award-winning UK independent film, television and radio drama producer. Over the past decade B7 Media’s name has become synonymous with some of the most popular science fiction audio drama, not least the re-imagining of cult BBC television series Blake’s 7 (BBC Radio 4 Extra), Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles and Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot (BBC Radio 4), and, most recently, the acclaimed revival of Dan Dare (currently airing on BBC Radio 4 Extra), based on the Eagle comic strips of the 1950s, featuring Ed Stoppard, Heida Reed and Geoff McGivern.

Pre-order DILATION from B7 Media here

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