Dan Dare Returns Again!

US Comics news site Newsarama has reported that Dynamite Entertainment, who also publish titles such as Battlestar Galactia, has picked up the rights to publish new Dan Dare comics based on Garth Ennis’ interpretation of the character, first published by the now defunct Virgin Comics.

When Virgin dissolved earlier this year, Dynamite announced that it would collect their Dan Dare series, which will be released in February. In addition to the story itself the hardcover edition will include several extras including pencils, sketches and design work as additional material. (More details here)

Now Dynamite has confirmed they have landed the rights to publish future Dan Dare comics projects, beating out at least one other publisher interested in developing a new Dare title, in addition to the new “classic” Dan Dare adventures being published in Spaceship Away magazine.

“I am delighted to be working with Nicky [Barrucci, Dynamite President] and his team, on the collection of one of my favorite series in years,” writer Garth Ennis said, “and very happy indeed that Dan Dare has found a great home in Dynamite.”

Barrucci told Newsarama’s Matt Brady that Ennis championed Dynamite to Colin Frewin at the Dan Dare Corporation which owns the rights to all material publised in Eagle and New Eagle.

Frewin himself is clearly delighted by the deal describing Dynamite Entertainment as exactly what Dan Dare needs for global distribution.

There’s no news as yet as to whether Gary Erskine, who drew the Virgin Dan Dare series, will draw the second series.

At least one other publisher had been negotiating a license for a new Dan Dare comic which would have been more of a “Year One” style title but following the Dynamite announcemnet have told downthetubes they have now witdrawn from discussions.

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  1. there was a mention awhile ago that dynamite where working on bringing back a classic sci-fi hero with alex ross working on designs ,as alex ross is the top talent at dynamite my guess he’ll at least will be drawing covers but i would love to see his retro revamp of dare like he has done on superman/ kingdom come and batman .
    interesting to see what happens

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