Dan Dare: The Evil One collection released this September

Dan Dare: The Evil OneThe next Titan Comics collection of classic Dan Dare stories, The Evil One, will be published in September 2019.

This brand new, 160-page volume continues the adventures of  Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future! First published in classic British comic, Eagle, from 1950 to 1969. It reprints, for the first time ever, the first two years worth of Dan Dare strips written and drawn by David Motton and Keith Watson, published in black and white.

Dan Dare and Digby, defend Earth for a series of threats that see them rocket from one action-packed adventure to the next! From the depths of outer space, and the threat of a race of intelligent giant, mind-controlling spiders, hell-bent on global domination – to the secret, underground hideout of an intergalactic evil genius buried beneath the pleasure beach of Blackpool!

Dan Dare: The Evil One - Sample Art

Dan Dare: The Evil One - Sample ArtWhether fighting an unquenchable, out-of-control fireball of destruction or battling the world-conquering ambitions of a race of malevolent, ruthless flora, Dan Dare will need all his wits about him to save the day and the world!

The volume comprises the stories “Operation Earthsaver”, “The Evil One”, “Operation Fireball” and “The Web of Fear”, all published in monochrome, a change to the presentation of Dan Dare after the comic’s new owners, Mirror Group, as Longacre Press, revamped the long-running title in 1962.

The changes to the title were not universally popular with fans, but the format was at least less bizarre than the colour and monochrome combination that would shortly follow with the story “Operation Time Trap”, before the strip eventually returned to full colour with “All Treens Must Die”.

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Dan Dare: The Venus CampiagnOur guide to Dan Dare in print is here on downthetubes, but here’s a quick checklist of “classic” Dan Dare collections published by Titan.

Do note that for some reason, this bumper compendium, in print as Dan Dare: The Venus Campaign, is marketed as the Dan Dare Omnibus (Bumper Compendium) print edition comprising his first Venus adventure and “Red Moon Mystery” a different title for the digital edition: Dan Dare: The Complete Collection Volume 1: The Venus Campaign – but  although two covers and titles are in circulation, the content is the same.

Dan Dare Omnibus  – comprises Dan Dare’s first Venus adventure and “Red Moon Mystery” (Earlier collections of the stories featured are still on offer)

Marooned on Mercury

Operation Saturn Part 1

Operation Saturn Part 2

• Prisoners of Space

• The Man from Nowhere

Dan Dare: Rogue Planet• Rogue Planet

• Reign of the Robots

The Phantom Fleet

• Safari in Space

• Trip to Trouble

• Mission of the Earthmen

• The Earth Stealers

• The Evil One is released on 24th September 2019

A full list of Dan Dare comic strips, compiled by the DownTheTubes team, covering the original Eagle comic, 2000AD, New Eagle and Spaceship Away features on GoogleDrive here

Dan Dare books currently available on amazon.co.uk

• Martin Crookall’s guide to Eagle Volume 13 | Volume 14

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