Dan Dare “The Venus Campaign” classic story collection revealed, and first ever collections of some stories on their way

Dan Dare Bumper Compendium

Titan Comics will launch Dan Dare: The Venus Campaign its first “bumper” collection of classic Dan Dare stories in November, following a format similar to its James Bond compendiums, using new scans of the stories featured. Plus, there’s news of new collections in the works of material never before collected…

This compendium introduces one of science fiction’s most enduring heroes, Dan Dare, created by Frank Hampson and the Reverend Marcus Morris for Eagle comic, launched in April 1950.

This 336 page omnibus edition of Dan Dare contains his first adventures, beginning with the story that would later be titled “Pilot of the Future: Voyage to Venus“. Dan and his crew set off to explore Venus, hoping to find new resources to feed a starving earth. But the planet is home to the devious, calculating Mekon, who plans to conquer the Earth.

It’s up to Dare and his bat-man Digby to help the enslaved people of Venus to rise up and defeat the massive green headed evil genius.

The Collection also includes “The Red Moon Mystery“, in which Dan and his trusty crew head once more into the dangerous, icy depths of space to uncover the secrets of a strange red moon that has entered the Solar System and threatens Earth with destruction!

Both stories were the basis by B7 Media for their award-nominated audio adventures starring Ed Stoppard as Dan Dare.

Previously published by Titan Books in smaller volumes way back in 2004, Titan Comics has collected the strips again for this bumper edition but using new scans. The book includes an interview with Frank Hampson and other feature material from the original editions, offering background on the character and the making of the strip by Hampson and his team.

Dan Dare - The Earth StealersNews of this release comes hot on the heels of the recent publication of The Earth Stealers, featuring the stories “The Earth Stealers” and “Platinum Planet”, in which Dan Dare and Digby awaken from deep-space hibernation after an unknown number of years to find themselves lost and adrift in an unknown region and orbiting a mysterious planet…

Titan Comics has also revealed plans to continue its collections of classic Dan Dare with “Operation Earthsaver” and other strips, originally published in black and white in Eagle in the 1960s.

This is exciting news for fans of the original character as these have never been previously collected. The strips were written by David Motton (interviewed here on downthetubes) and drawn by Keith Watson.

• Dan Dare: The Venus Campaign is due for release on 14th November 2018 – buy it here from amazon.co/uk

Buy The Earth Stealers now from amazon.co.uk

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