Dave Windett’s new web comic “Intergalactic Medical Doctor” launches

Intergalactic Media Doctor © 2015 Christian Beranek, Tony DiGerolamo and Dave Windett

Intergalactic Media Doctor © 2015 Christian Beranek, Tony DiGerolamo and Dave Windett

Dave Windett has a new web comic over at the Webcomic FactoryIntergalactic Medical Doctor, written by Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo (who he worked on with another strip, Comic Book Mafia).

“It’s been described as ‘kind of like House in space!’, says Preston-based Dave, whose other credits include work on numerous characters, including Inspector Gadget, Eek the Cat, Ace Ventura, Daffy Duck and Korky the Cat.

For the Scandinavian market he’s illustrated educational books, business manuals and comics, and his English language comics work includes The Kaci Bell MysteriesLazarus Lemming and Little Lemming Books. He’s also designed original characters for a variety of publications and provided illustrations for everything from magazines and websites to mobile phones, games, and children’s shoes.

“For me, web comics have a chance of reaching a wider audience than print comics,” Dave says. “People who are not just interested in superheroes, the web  gives creators access to that readership and allows them to develop  a more diverse range of stories and artwork.”

Webcomic Factory is basically, a high end, webcomic hub.  Their concept is to post a new webcomic every day and they haven’t missed a day since they started back in April 2010.The comics are written or co-written by Tony DiGerolamo who runs the day-to-day operation of the site.  His co-writer is the co-founder of the website, Christian Beranek  and the art is done by a variety of artists from all over the world.

Tony also  “write comics, screenplays, novels and all sorts of stuff”, while Christian, a graduate of James Madison University, worked her way up through comics the old fashioned way: by printing them. While she still sees print as an incredibly tactile and organic experience, she’s teamed up with Tony and a bevy of talented artists from around the world to create content for The Webcomic Factory.

If you like TV medical drama – then perhaps you shouldn’t try this sci-fi medical epic… but everyone else should head over for a chuckle to  www.thewebcomicfactory.com/comic/intergalactic-medical-doctor

• For more samples of Dave’s work visit www.davewindett.com | Follow him on tumblr | Find him on DeviantArt

Intergalactic Media Doctor © 2015 Christian Beranek, Tony DiGerolamo and Dave Windett

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