Web Comic Spotlight: Bastard Galaxia, a crazy homage to 1980s action figures

Bastard Galaxia - Page 1

Lancaster-based comic creators Steve Gregson and Matt Simmons have created a daft homage to the 1980’s action figure craze with Bastard Galaxia, centring on a maniacal bad guy that wouldn’t look out of place on Adult Swim (some of the strip definitely isn’t for the kind of young audience who might watch He-Man or Thundercats).

Join the battle where ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are meaningless and action figure sales are god!

An evil leader tours his nether regions. Er, dungeons.

An evil leader tours his nether regions. Er, dungeons.

“We’re putting out new pages every Wednesday and Saturday and plan to do so until the comic reaches its conclusion,” Steve tells us. “We’ve just finished the first chapter, so were trying to give the comic as much of a push as possible!”

The story opens with “Bastard Galaxia” taking his minions on a tour of his not all al sexually-inspired looking base and dungeons, before leading into introducing a range of characters that include his bemused brother Kevin. It’s a daft romp of a comic that I suspect is just getting warmed up – the first chapter is a bit of a monologue and it could perhaps do with a few more gags that aren’t a bit “Nudge, Nudge” – but the art by Matt and Steve throughout is terrific (Matt handles the layouts and roughs, Steve does the final pages and inking).

Give it a try – it’s free to read!

Things start to get a bit leery in "Bastard Galaxia"

Things start to get a bit leery in “Bastard Galaxia”

The enthusiastic team would, obviously, appreciate new readers and any feedback on the comic you’d care to give.

• Read Bastard Galaxia here: www.bastardgalaxia.com | Find Bastard Galaxia on Facebook | Follow Bastard Galaxia on Twitter @BastardGalaxia

• Follow Steve Gregson on Twitter @RoboticSteve

• Follow Matt Simmons on Twitter @SheriffFreak

Warning: the kind of people who take offence at anything at the drop of a hat may be offended by elements of this web comic

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