Doctor Who “Four Doctors” weekly crossover series covers revealed

Doctor Who: Four Doctors - Cover A

Doctor Who: Four Doctors – Cover A1


Titan Comics has revealed all the special covers of its Doctor Who summer event – Doctor Who: Four Doctors​ – which launches on 12th August 2015.

This spectacular five-part weekly event, running through August and September 2015, in place of the ongoing series, ​is being written by longtime Doctor Who author ​by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Neil Edwards, ​and ​stars​ the​ Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and their comics companions.

​Each of the five ​issues comes with three covers to collect: an art cover, a photo cover and a companions art cover.



Writer Paul Cornell has penned classic episodes from the Doctor Who TV series (Father’s Day, Human Nature/Family of Blood, both Hugo-nominated), classic Doctor Who novels, as well as successful comic book runs on titles such as Wolverine, Action Comics, Demon Knights, and Captain Britain and MI:13.

Neil Edwards art credits include work for Marvel, DC Comics, Boom! Studios and Valiant. He’s perhaps best known currently for his work on Justice League Unlimited, Spektor and Vampire Diaries.

“Neil Edwards is someone I’ve wanted to work with for ages,” enthused Paul on his official web site back in March. “He brings  great action, acting (as we comickers call the ability of an artist to convey emotional interaction between characters) and likenesses to an adventure that’s going to need all three.”

“‘It’s a real honour to work on this with Paul, especially with the three Doctors involved!” enthuses Neil. “I’ve been a huge Who fan, especially since the relaunch, and I wanted to give the book a huge wide screen feel.”

This epic event is the thrilling next chapter in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who publishing saga and follows straight on from the Issue #15 conclusions of Year One, with the second years of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors​ ​beginning after the event’s blistering finale.

Doctor Who: Four Doctors​ #1 is on sale from Wednesday 12th August, supported by the global Doctor Who Comics Day on Saturday 15th August; followed by #2 on sale 19th August; #3, 26th August; #4, 2nd September; and #5 on 9th September 2015

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