Doctor Who – The Age of Chaos by Colin Baker vworps into stores soon

Doctor Who – The Age of Chaos, reprinting an epic. full-coloour comics adventure starring the Sixth Doctor, written by actor and author Colin Baker arrives in shops later this year.

Doctor Who - The Age of Chaos - Cover by David Roach

Featuring art by John M. Burns and Barrie Mitchell, coloured by Steve Whitaker, The Age of Chaos, first published back in 1994, is set after the Sixth Doctor’s final TV adventures. The story features Peri, played on screen by Nicola Bryant, and companion Frobisher, the shapeshifter stuck looking like a penguin.

The strip was the first Doctor Who comic story originally produced in full colour by Marvel UK, pre-dating the advent of colour in the main Doctor Who Magazine comic strip by almost seven years.

Edited by Gary Russell and originally intended to be published as a four-issue series in 1993 until hit by art delays, the story was released in one edition in October 1994, featuring the cover by Alan Davis recently sold offered on Heritage Auctions.

The story by Colin Baker follows on, loosely, from The Trial of a Time Lord, centring around the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher’s adventure with Peri’s grandchildren from her marriage to King Yrcanos (introduced on TV in The Ultimate Foe, played by Brian Blessed).

This new collection feature a striking cover featuring the Sixtg Doctor and shape-changing companion Frobisher in his penguin guise by David Roach,

It also includes stories featuring the Third, Fourth, and Seventh Doctors. These are “The Last Word” from Doctor Who Magazine Issue 305, the final Seventh Doctor story to date to feature in the title, written by Gareth Roberts with art by Lee Sullivan, a story then celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Virgin New Adventures; “Under Pressure” by Dan Abnett, drawn by Vincent Danks and inked by Cam Smith, featuring the Sea Devils, Third and Fourth Doctors, who never meet in the strip, from the 1993 Doctor Who Yearbook; and a Seventh Doctor versus Daleks story, “Metamorphosis” by Paul Cornell, with art by Lee Sullivan, from the 1993 Doctor Who Yearbook.

Doctor Who – The Age of Chaos by Colin Baker, John Burns, Barrie Mitchell is available from 8th July in book shops and 11th August 2021 from all good comic shops

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