The Mask of Exterminus looks vaguely familiar… and is a music career in the works for a former Servant of Nox?

Exterminus Image with thanks to Isidro Campos
Exterminus Image with thanks to Isidro Campos

Regular readers of downthetubes will know that we’ve previously featured the origins of elements of the costume New Eagle character Doomlord – and now, you can buy a limited edition recasts of the generic mask adapted for the 1980s photo strip.

The “Exterminus” mask is the work of comics fan Isidro Campos, and you can contact him via Facebook if you’re interested in buying one, for £120.

Doomlord” was an alien sent to Earth to destroy humanity, was the creation of John Wagner and Alan Grant, who have asserted their rights to ownership, and first featured from the very first issue of the relaunched Eagle in the 1980s, as a photo strip.

All the elements of the costume were sourced from a variety of shops and costume specialist retailers in London’s West End, by Eagle launch editor Barrie Tomlinson, John Wagner and prop designer and mask maker Sue Moore.

For those unfamiliar, when Eagle relaunched in 1982, it arrived crammed with photo strips (fumetti), similar to the format of popular girl’s titles of the day such as Jackie, Characters were played by both professional actors such as Mike White, who played Doomlord and his human alter ego, Eric Plumrose (not to be confused with the American actor of the same name), and Mike Mungarvan (Doomlord’s nemesis, journalist Howard Harvey); alongside occasional cameos from Fleetway staff, including Group Editor Barrie Tomlinson, Starlord editor Kelvin Gosnell and 2000AD art editor Doug Church. They all, for example, feature on the cover of Eagle Issue Two, under threat from Doomlord himself.

Eagle Issue 2 cover dated 3rd April 1982, featuring, probably, Mike White as Doomlord and Fleetway staffers Barrie Tomlinson, Doug Church and Kelvin Gosnell facing his wrath

“Doomlord”, one of Eagle’s longest lasting and most popular strips, was a science fiction saga that began with an alien judging humanity’s right to exist, and failing in his attempt to execute humanity. A replacement Doomlord ruled in favour of Earth and eventually became its protector, fathering a son.

It was Eagle fan Isidro Campos who discovered the mask was made by the French brand Cesar, produced from 1979 to 1984, whose masks were distributed by, among others, the Masquerade Novelty Company.

Isidro also identified Doomlord’s distinctive costume as the one worn by Peter Ustinov in the film The Thief of Baghdad, playing the Caliph, designed by John Bloomfield.

We were informed recently that “Doomlord” has completely given up on world domination and the destruction of humankind, and now plans to continue protecting our planet alongside a new music career.

Like all of us, recent events have prevented his debut – even before the pandemic, “Doomlord” liked to keep as far away from humans as possible – but, with John and Alan’s blessing, given some time back, you may yet see the Servant of Nox stalking the streets of London in the near future…

Doomlord's current identity protected…
Doomlord’s current identity protected…

This Doomlord tells downthetubes, by the way, that If you want to fit a laser into an Energiser Ring, similar, the one once used to destroy interfering humans, it isn’t easy… which is a huge relief, eh, readers?

If you’d like your own custom-made “Exterminus” mask, drop Isidro Campos a line via Facebook

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• If anyone had a role in the Eagle photo strips, please do leave a comment below – please note, all initial comments made by someone new to this site are initially reviewed before publishing but are generally published automatically thereafter.

• Over on the Eagle Readers Facebook Group, Richard Pearce, Steve Winders, Shaqui Le Vesconte and others are attempting to identify the actors and Fleetway staff who featured in the photos strips, and identify locations, too. Do join in!

• Hibernia published a collection, Doomlord: The Deathlords of Nox in 2006, reprinting stories from Eagle published in issues cover dated 24th September 1983 – 3rd March 1984. Written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, illustrated by Heinzl, the 72-page collection includes an introduction by Alan Grant. Copies are still available on Comicsy

Wikipedia has a detailed article on Doomlord

Doomlord was created by Alan Grant and John Wagner, who have asserted their rights | EAGLE © Dan Dare Corporation

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