Doctor Who: Titan announces Ninth Doctor Ongoing Series for 2016

Alice X. Zhang's full art for her cover of the first issue of the Ninth Doctor series.

Alice X. Zhang’s full art for her cover of the first issue of the Ninth Doctor limited series, released earlier this year.

Titan Comics and BBC Worldwide have announced an ongoing Ninth Doctor comic series will launch in April 2016, written by Cavan Scott, with art of the first three-issue art by Miss Marvel and Spider-Man artist Adriana Melo.

“I’m so looking forward to working with Adriana on this,” says Cavan. “The Ninth Doctor’s adventures continue!”

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 - Regular Cover

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 – on sale now in all good comic shops. Cover by Lee Sullivan

Titan Comics’ hugely popular and critically acclaimed Doctor Who comics line launched the Ninth Doctor in a five-part mini-series earlier this year and the final issue, (Issue 5) is available now in all good comic shops.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Ninth Doctor, as played by Christopher Eccleston, the series will now join the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors as a monthly ongoing title.

Best-selling author Cavan Scott has written for such popular series as Doctor WhoPenguins of MadagascarSkylandersAdventure TimePathfinderAngry BirdsJudge DreddBlake’s 7 and Warhammer 40,000.

He was the writer of Titan’s Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor miniseries and is currently writing his first Sherlock Holmes novel – The Patchwork Devil – to be published by Titan Books in 2016.

Coincidentally, today sees the release of audio adventure adaptations of two Seventh Doctor New Adventures from Big Finish, directed by Scott Handcock​ and produced by Cavan. Theatre of War – adapted by Justin Richards, stars Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Lisa Bowerman with Miles Richardson as Irvin Braxiatel. The stage is set for a deadly play with sound design and music by Peter Doggart.

Meanwhile, adapted by Guy Adams​ from the novel by Andy Lane, All Consuming Fire sees the Doctor teaming up with Nicholas Briggs​ as Sherlock Holmes, Richard Earl as Doctor Watson and Hugh Fraser as Sherringford Holmes. This time, sound design and music is by Alistair Lock​.

Brazilian comic book artist and penciller Adrian Melo, who will provide interior art on the opening three-parter of the new Ninth Doctor ongoing series, titled “Doctormania”, quite happily describes herself as a Doctor Who fan. She’s worked on various Star Wars titles, mostly the Star Wars: Empire series, and DC Comics’ Rose & Thorn and Birds of Prey as well as Top Cow’s Witchblade and Marvel’s Ms. Marvel.

Caban Scott .Photo courtesy the author

Caban Scott .Photo courtesy the author

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the Ninth Doctor is returning for more adventures with Rose and Captain Jack,” enthuses Cavan. “The new, ongoing series kicks off a new era and a new mission for this much-loved TARDIS team. Along the way they’ll encounter old friends and foes as well as startling new faces.

“I’ve been blown away by the love for Doctor Number Nine that I’ve seen at comic cons and signings over the last year,” he adds. “It’s a real privilege to be continuing the Ninth Doctor’s story. It really is the trip of a lifetime.”

• The first in the brand new Ninth Doctor ongoing story arc will hit shelves in April 2016.

Cavan tells us this book is going to be the first Titan Comics Doctor Who comic with a letters page – so why not write in with your thoughts about the recent mini-series to

• Find out more about Cavan Scott on his web site or follow him on Twitter @cavanscott

• Adrian Melo Official Site: | Follow her on Twitter @Adriana_Melo

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