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downthetubes logoAs you can see, – your dedicated British comics news and views site – is back up and running after a temporary hiatus, and will now be the main point of focus for our delivering of British comic news and views, alongside our forum.

There’s been a major design change to this site, which is very much a work in progress – and there have been a few hiccups transferring stories from this blog to the new site. My apologies to contributors whose credits have vanished in the transition, I’m trying to restore them.

The old DTT site is also nestling in the background here – some pages might be missing a few images due to moving this site to new servers and locations, but the text and interviews are all there for you to enjoy. The aim is to slowly incorporate these into the new site over time. (Please bear in mind we do DTT in what spare time we have outside of our day jobs).

Thanks to everyone who offered us help to keep on publishing and also made kind donations that helped tremendously enable in the move to a new service.

The News Blog – – is still being updated for now, until we’ve got the hang of our new format and interface, so news is being posted there and on this site.

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