Draw the World Together gets a Makeover

Draw the World Together, an organisation of creatives who have been raising huge amounts of money for street children around the world for the past four years, aiding the work done by the UK based charity EveryChild, has a new group where supporters, publishers and involved creators can meet and discuss plans for its future.

“Some amazing people in the world of comics have donated their time and talent to help the project,” says artist Andrew Wildman, “and we have held events in the UK, Denmark, Greece and the USA. Much of our work was made possible by the generous hep of computer games company NCSoft.

“That was then, but this is NOW. DtWT has changed and has now been restructured for the convenience of all the people who are interested in playing a part. We have created a Ning network group to make it easier for Artist, Events organisers and Fans to play a part in it.

“Many artists have expressed an interest in helping out but it was often not convenient for them to be at our events as it clashed with their other responsibilities,” Andrew continues. “The new structure enables artists to help out completely on their own terms and in whatever way works for them.

“Check out the DtWTning group and register,” Andrew urges. “When you’re in, join whichever of the three groups is relevant to you. DtWT-artist (for artists), DtWT-news (for editors, press and events organisers) or DtWT-public (for fans, readers and anyone else who enjoys comics). After that, start inviting other people!

“News will follow very soon about how you can make a massive difference to the lives of some of the poorest children around the world by simply doing what you already do.”

• Join now and be at the start of making a massive difference:

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