Dump Issue 2 Now Available From Fred Egg Comics

Dump 2 cover colour
Issue 2 of David Robertson’s anthology comic Dump is now available from Fred Egg Comics.

David tells us, “the title Dump serves as a description of the book – a collection place for different comics I’ve done; and as the name of the main story, whose main character works in a council dump.”

Dump 2 a
As well as the main “Dump” story, the 60 page book also includes “Hey Joe..?” about a driver trying to remember the name of an actor, “History of E-Mail and the Internet” which ‘does what it says on the tin’ in only 4 pages, and the autobiographical 24 Hour comic “Everything”. Each of these are written and drawn by David, but the collection also includes five different one page stories written by David and illustrated by a selection of other artists – “Dream Of Being You” by Stephen Boyd, “Why I Vote” by Damon Herd, “Coleslaw” by Donna Law, “Cycling Through Freedom” by Neil Paterson, and “Yay! Party!” by Keara Stewart.

Dimp 2 b
Dump Issue 2 has 60 black and white pages behind its colour cover, is a 6x9inch (15x23cm) format, and is available directly from the Fred Egg Comics on-line shop for the remarkable price of £1 and free postage. Copies of Issue 1 are also still available for 99p.

Dump Issues 1 and 2 and both available from the Fred Egg Comics on-line shop. Dump Issue 1 is 99p and Dump Issue 2 is £1. Postage is free.

There are more details of Dump including a selection of pages at the Fred Egg Comics blog.

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