Exclusive First Look: “Search Destroy” Strontium Dog Fan Film Poster Revealed!

Search and Destroy - Strontium Dog Fan Film Poster

Search Destroy – a not-for-profit Strontium Dog Fan film inspired by 2000AD‘s mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha – will get its first public screening at Thought Bubble in November. We’re delighted to give you at this first look at the film’s poster, a homage to a private commission the team asked Strontium Dog co-creator Carlos Ezquerra to create for them.

Inspirational: Search and Destroy - Strontium Dog by Carlos Ezquerra

Inspirational: Search and Destroy – Strontium Dog by Carlos Ezquerra

From the makers of Judge Minty, a Judge Dredd fan film, their latest production, was first announced in 2014 and we gave you a “First Look” last year.

Announced last March, Matthew Simpson plays Johnny Alpha in the film and Kevin Horsham plays companion Wulf Sternhammer in the film, directed by Steven Sterlacchini and Steve Green, is based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant created for 2000AD.

Here’s a “Work in Progress” trailer…

First created for Starlord comic by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1978, Strontium Dog became part of the world of 2000AD when the two titles merged. Back in 2014, Judge Minty Director of Photography and Digital Imagery Steve Green said John Wagner, gave his public support to Judge Minty from the outset, asked the team if they would do a Strontium Dog film at the 2013 Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

This new film is based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant.

Strontium Dog Fan Film - Johnny Alpha

Strontium Dog Fan Film - Johnny Alpha

Strontium Dog Fan Film - Johnny Alpha

Matthew Simpson is an actor and producer, whose credits include Knavish Folk – the story of a cop, quarterback, hitman, gangster, and thief whose lives intertwine when they are presented with the perfect heist by a mysterious man only known as Hermes – Olive Green (2014) and Scherbo, due to be released next year. He’s also the Creative Director at Ekstasy, an international creative agency, specialising in Film Production, Music Production and Publishing.

Kevin Horsham, a police officer making the transition to actor who also appeared in Olive Green, is an experienced actor with a career spanning over 15 years in the industry. The Plymouth-based actors recent credits include the World War One film The Levellers/MutinyThe Midnight Horror Show and Korin, and his skills include a number of martial arts – handy talents for the role of Wulf Sternhammer!

Strontium Dog Fan Film - Johnny Alpha

Strontium Dog Fan Film - Johnny Alpha

Behind the scenes production work on the not-for-profit Strontium Dog Fan Film

“Whilst making Minty, Steve Green, Dan and myself discussed the possibilities of what we could do with other characters like Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog,” director and co-writer Steven Sterlacchini told Steve Hargett after Judge Minty, the Long Walk-inspired film was released. “I think we’d be interesting in having a go at something, but it would be on a much smaller scale, which could be turned around in a month or so. When producing Minty, the fact that we tried to create a film with a narrative made it a lot more ambitious and difficult. We had to sacrifice concentrating on cool looking imagery, in favour of more simplistic shots which helped progress the story.

Judge Minty, which starred Edmund Dehn as the film’s central character and featured artist Greg Staples as Judge Dredd, led to the creation of Planet Replicas who market official reproductions of Judge Dredd uniforms, badges and weapons.

• More about the production here: www.strontiumdogfanfilm.com | Facebook | Follow the not for profit project on Twitter @StrontiumDogFan

• Follow Matthew Simpson on Twitter @MattSimpson009

• Follow Kevin Horsham on Twitter @KJHORSHAM

Search Destroy is an UNOFFICIAL NOT FOR PROFIT fan film.
Strontium Dog™ Rebellion A/S, © Rebellion A/S, All rights reserved.
Strontium Dog is the Creation of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.
From the 2000AD Strontium Dog stories, by Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant.

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