Falklands War 40th anniversary commemorated in latest Commando comics, Ian Kennedy mourned

Brand-new Commando comics – issues 5531 – 5534 are on sale today in all good newsagents, and digitally, too.

As we previously reported, three stories in this new set commemorate 40 years since the Falklands War – issues 5531, 5533 and 5534; while issue 5532 features a supernatural tale from the 1970s.

British comics such as Battle and Warlord featured strips centring on the Falklands conflict in the 1980s, which Jeremy Briggs documented for downthetubes back in 2007, at the time of the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War. Commando has also published several stories about the conflict, most particularly back in 2012, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary.

This release of this set is tinged with great sadness, as Issue 5531, “Old Dogs”, features artist Ian Kennedy’s final completed Commando cover. All four issues include a tribute to Ian, who passed in February, who will be greatly missed.

Commando 5531 – Home of Heroes: Old Dogs
Story: James Swallow | Art: Paolo Ongaro | Cover: Ian Kennedy
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Commando 5531 - Home of Heroes: Old Dogs

Sneaking behind enemy lines has never quite been like this! During the Falklands War, the Air Ministry knew they had to box clever if they wanted to beat the invading Argentinians out of the Falkland Islands. So they disguised a Canberra using Chilean colours to recon the enemy without arousing suspicion. But the pair operating the aircraft has more than the Argentinians to worry about as there’s a ruthless killer willing to do anything for the bounty on their heads!

James Swallow returns to Commando in stellar form, writing in his forte for aircraft which has been masterfully brought to life with artwork by Paolo Ongaro and Ian Kennedy.

Commando 5532 – Gold Collection: Son of the Viking
Story: Eric Hebden | Art: Gordon C Livingstone | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 828 (1974)
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Commando 5532 - Gold Collection: Son of the Viking - cover by Ian Kennedy

Something strange is happening in this Commando! As the spirit of the Vikings lives on through bloodlines and a blooming great battle-axe too big to swing!

Legend says that only those who are brave enough in times of crisis can find the strength to wield it – so everything is doomed when a pipsqueak with a yellow belly steps up to the plate – or will magic cast its spell once again!

Eric Hebden enchants us once again with an amazing classic Commando, with bewitching interiors from Gordon C Livingstone and a vivid cover by Ian Kennedy.

Commando 5533 – Action and Adventure: Cold Conflict
Story: Colin Maxwell | Art: Klacik | Cover: Neil Roberts
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Commando 5533 - Action and Adventure: Cold Conflict

April 1982 saw Britain enter a new conflict half the world away. But three Royal Marines were stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time – behind enemy lines during the invasion! Sent on a recce mission miles from their base at Port Stanley before the war started, the trio saw the Argentinian forces invading the Falklands first-hand!

Now they’ve been left with an impossible mission that could change the tide of the conflict, as the three marines must battle both the climate and the Argentinians if they are to save the day.

Colin Maxwell grabs the bull by the horns in his script for Cold Conflict, with a characteristic Commando yarn! Klacik and Neil Roberts are on artwork duties making this trio as good as the one in the issue!

Commando 5534 – Silver Collection: The Deadly Trade
Story: Ian Clark | Art | Carlos Pino | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 2621 (1992)
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Commando 5534 - Silver Collection: The Deadly Trade

April 1982 —Argentine troops poured onto the Falkland Islands and Britain stood on the brink of war.

For Garry Mullen of the elite Special Boat Squadron, it meant at last the chance to put the deadly skills acquired over years of training to the ultimate test!

This Commando was originally released on the 10 year anniversary of the Falklands War, and now it returns for the 40 year Anniversary, showing how timeless it was then and remains today!

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Operation Corporate: The Falklands War in British Comics

In the early 1980s, Britain was at war over islands in the South Atlantic many Britons had never heard of – and some at the time even thought were part of the Shetlands. Back in 2007, Jeremy Briggs examined the British comics that featured the 1982 Falklands conflict between Britain and Argentina…

Full Cover Gallery – Issues 5531 – 5534

  • Commando 5531: Home of Heroes - Old Dogs - cover by Ian Kennedy
  • Commando 5532
  • Commando 5533: Action and Adventure - Cold Conflict  - cover by Neil Roberts - Full
  • Commando 5534: Silver Collection - The Deadly Trade - art by Ian Kennedy - Full

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