James Bond visits Kendal, thanks to Darwyn Cooke

James Bond visits Kendal, thanks to Darwyn Cooke

Over on some social media platforms, there’s been a storm about the appropriation of the memory ofAmerican comic creator Darwyn Cooke, and the subsequent utterly inappropriate and thoroughly distasteful attacks on his widow.

Rightly, voices on both sides of the rage around what’s become known as “Comicgate” have condemned the actions of some on social media, the latest in a number of singularly unpleasant activities that not only impacts the American comics community but has spread like a poison beyond that country.

Rather than dwell on such negativity, which does nothing to benefit comics, I’d like to join those who suggested, using the hashtag #ForDarwyn, that we go out there and celebrate Darwyn’s work and, perhaps, buy some of his work; what he should be remembered for and not, what some have tried to ascribe to him.


• You can find the work of Darwyn Cooke in all good book or comic shops. If you use Amazon, there’s a page listing his works here

DC Heroes by Darwyn Cooke

Detail from the cover of Graphic Ink: The Art of Darwyn Cooke

Detail from the cover of Graphic Ink: The Art of Darwyn Cooke

DC Heroes by Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke - MAD - Spy vs Spy

Darwyn Cooke - Justice Society

DC Heroes by Darwyn Cooke

DC New Gods by Darwyn Cooke

Teen Titans #5 Promotion by Darwyn Cooke

Detective Comics #32 Promotion by Darwyn Cooke

Action Comics #37 Promotion by Darwyn Cooke

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