Frank’s Fantastic Send Off – thanks to his fans

We’re pleased to report that the late comedian and comic creator Chris Sievey, aka Frank Sidebottom had the fantastic send off he would have wanted thanks to his fans last week – rather than a pauper’s funeral.

The comedian’s financial affairs when he died mean that his family were struggling to do him and his memory the justice it deserves – but as we previously reported, Frank’s many fans banded together via the Internet to contribute to the costs of his funeral, raising thousands to give him a good send-off.

As well as his world-famous comedy show, a Frank Sidebottom comic strip ran in Oink! in the 1980s, written and drawn by Chris himself (as Frank, of course).

Family friend and Frank fan James Malach reports the funeral was a robust show of love and support as the day progressed – and the donations of many fans of proved that human kindness still exists in abundance.

“The funeral for Chris Sievey was held on Friday 2nd July at Altrincham crematorium and was attended by the family and friends of the man behind the papier mache mask,” James reported to fans. “The occasion, whilst tinged with sadness, was also a fitting tribute to a man who has brought so much happiness to so many others.”

Because of the sheer amount of love and goodwill, the family have also agreed to host another seperate send-off for Frank Sidebottom which will be held tomorrow, 8th July, at Castlefield Arena between 7.00 and 10.00pm. The event is totally free and will feature the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, Charlie Chuck and others. More details can be found at

The send off appeal has now closed and money has been transferred from the Paypal account and has been paid as a cheque to Stirling Sievey, Chris’s eldest son. Given the funds raised – well over the amount needed to pay the funeral costs – there have been many great suggestions made by donors, all of which have been duly noted and passed on to Stirling who (with the input of Chris’s immediate family and friends) will decide the
best future for the remaining funds.

“The intention and aim of Frank’s Fantastic Funeral Fund has always been to support and help the Sievey family in this extremely difficult time,” says James, “and with the expense of an unexpected funeral for a loving father, friend and entertainer.”

If anyone is unhappy with the fund’s direction, James says they are happy to return any contributions immediately in good faith. “If this is the case, please do email us back now and your donation can be reversed from Paypal.

“Thank you… You are all Top Fantastic and Ace!”

Frank fans who made donations will be kept informed directly regarding the deployment of the fund via the website at and any further ideas they have will be passed on to Chris’ family.

• Frank Sidebottom’s Official web site: and Blog

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