Gerry Anderson vehicles, Batman, Bond cars and more in upcoming Vectis auction

Corgi 267 "Batman" Batmobile - 1st issue
Corgi 267 “Batman” Batmobile – 1st issue – black, red bat hubs, blue tinted windows, with “Batman & Robin” figures, grey plastic aerial, with black plastic trailer connecting clip fitted

Nestling within a massive upcoming sale of vintage toy cars at Vectis – many of them military vehicles – are a number of cult media-inspired items, including Gerry Anderson vehicles, Batman, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and more.

Taking place on Monday 27th April 2020, the latest specialist auction runs to almost 900 items, many cars and other vehicles boxed, produced by companies such as Corgi, Dinky and Triang.

Here’s just a small selection of items on offer – full catalogue here.

  • Corgi 201 "The Saint's" Volvo P1800 - Whizzwheels
  • Corgi 261 "James Bond" Aston Martin DB5 taken from the film "Gol
  • Corgi 271 "James Bond" Aston Martin DB5 (1/36th scale)
  • Corgi unboxed GS3 "Batman" 2-piece Gift Set which includes Batmobile - black, RARE harder to find clear windows, with Batman and Robin figures
  • Corgi, unboxed pair - "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" with "Caractacus Potts, Truly Scrumptious, Jeremy and Jemima" figures, and "The Green Hornet" Black Beauty - black, spun hubs, complete with secret instruction pack containing folded leaflet, missile and spinner
  • Corgi 277 "The Monkees" Monkeemobile
  • Corgi 497 "The Man from UNCLE" - Thrushbuster - blue body, plastic lamps, cast hubs
  • Corgi 801 "Noddy's" Car - finished in yellow, red, chrome trim, with "Noddy, Big Ears and Tubby Bear" figures
  • Dinky 103 Captain Scarlet Spectrum Patrol Car - metallic red, white base and plastic aerial, cast hubs
  • Dinky "Captain Scarlet", a group that includes a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle - blue, white bumper, black rubber tracks, cast hubs, with missile; Maximum Security Vehicle (1st issue) - white, red base and interior, plastic aerial, cast spun hubs, with radiation box (missing side stripes); Spectrum Patrol Car - metallic red, blue tinted windows, white base, cast hubs (missing aerial)
  • Dinky 102 "Joe 90" - Joe's Car - metallic aqua, white - Good Plus (missing battery-operated bulb cover), carded base
  • Dinky 108 "Joe 90" - Sam's Car - powder blue, pale yellow interior, red engine cover, cast hubs
  • Dinky 107 "Stripe" Magic Mini - finished in white, red interior with red, yellow, blue and white stripes, chrome spun hubs - and 350 "The Enchanted House” Tiny's Mini Moke.
  • Dinky 352 "UFO" Ed Straker's Car - gold plated finish, blue interior, silver trim and engine cover, cast hubs
  • Dinky 353 "UFO" Shado 2 Mobile - green, large brown rollers with grey rubber tracks, pale grey interior, with yellow and red Missile
  • Dinky 360 "Space 1999" - Eagle Freighter - white, red including side and rear thrusters
  • Corgi 434 "Charlie's Angels" Custom Van - pink, 4-spoke wheels (1st issue) and 926 "James Bond" Stromberg Helicopter - black, yellow with some Missiles attached to sprue

The auction also includes a few of Dinky’s space toys, produced in the late 1970s, designed to appeal to children and priced accordingly, including a Space Battle Cruiser, the first model in the range.

  • Dinky 367 Space Battle Cruiser - white, red with firing Trygon Missiles
  • Dinky 363 Zygon Patroller - silver, blue - Mint including cut-out Space Station and outer window box
  • Dinky 362 Trident Starfighter with Firing Stellar Missile - black, orange, yellow
  • Dinky 368 Zygon Marauder

There’s more about this range here on the Dinky Toys: TV Shows, Space and Specials section of this excellent Dinky Toys web site.

The online catalogue for this Specialist Auction is here

Do note that at present, there is no public access to auctions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic; all bidding will be online.

Vectis Auctions is online at

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