Go West

Quick plug, especially as I have known artist Tim Keable’s work for years, since back in my days of editing Doctor Who Magazine, and West: Texas Drama sounds like a gem of an indie title well worth tracking down…

  • Texas, 1887. West dislikes Texas, where everything always seems to be more complicated than it ought to be. While transporting a coffin to the backwater town of Big Creek, West finds himself the solution to someone else’s problem. If, that is, he can manage to stay alive long enough to realise what that problem seems to be…

The creation of Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable, West: Texas Drama costs £2 and is also available in a signed and numbered Limited Edition of 25, with an alternate, full colour cover, priced at £3.

Cover art of both these comics, as well as a Paypal store, can be found at www.angrycandy.co.uk

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