Mobile Comics

I’m experimenting with formats for mobile comics again. Issues continue to be: size (480 x 480 is pretty much a good standard to start with, but it won’t work on all models of phone), font sizes and the obvious issue — is this comics or just simple animation?

One of the best things about reading a comic or book is that the reader controls the speed at which they read it. With the sample above (I think you may have to click on it to view the animation), they don’t have that option. As the creator, I’ve set the timings, transitions etc.

One option is to deliver the comics via WAP, where readers would move from frame to frame at their own speed. I’m not convinced that the java route — using a java program to run the comics — is an option (although it has been used by others) simply because unless that is pre-installed on your mobile, users won’t bother to download it (unless it’s very easy to do).

Lots of questions and thoughts buzzing around but no hard answers!

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