Greatcoat restored on Wikipedia

I’m delighted to report that The Really Heavy Greatcoat entry on Wikipedia has been restored. While there was apparently no consensus on the debate about its inclusion (now closed), Wikipedia’s editors ruled in favour of restoration on the grounds that, as I pointed out, it had wrongly been labeled “non notable”, stating the noticability tag had been applied incorrectly.

“Noticability should be a tool to keep self promotion and the like out of Wikipedia, not to delete things just because editors have not heard of it or can’t find information about it on the internet,” ruled Martin Wisse, who has a great blog at

” A comic strip which has been around for twenty years is noticable enough to be included. In general, if editors are unfamiliar with certain areas, it behooves them to err on the side of caution rather than to decide from a short google search something should be removed. “

My thanks to Martin and everyone who pitched in to support the RHG. Artist Nick Miller tells me our special two-page 20th anniversary strip is almost finished, and that should be posted next week.

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