Green Lantern artwork stolen

Green Lantern: Legacy Page 27. Please
note, this may or may not be one of the
stolen pages – it’s included here as an example

(via ComicArtFans): Green Lantern artist Brent Anderson‘s car was broken into while at the San Diego Zoo during the San Diego ComicCon week and many pages of original art were stolen.

The artists is putting out an appeal far and wide for help retrieving the pages, so we’re doing our bit to alert comic art dealers and collectors about the theft, given the huge number of places online this art may turn up for sale

The stolen pages include the following:

  • 50 pages from Astro City Vols. 1 & 2 and Local Heroes
  • Astro City: Dark Age Books 1 (#s 1-4), 2 (#s 1-4) & 3 (#s 1-4) (50 pages)
  • Green Lantern: Legacy approx. 45 pages between pages 1-45 (except page 5)
  • Green Lantern Silver Age Special (approx. 4 pages)
  • Green Lantern/Plastic Man team-up special (approx. 8 pages)
  • Rising Stars #15-24 (approx. 48 pages)

If you see any of these pages surface, email Brent at Thank you.

Green Lantern © DC Comics

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