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Andrew Pixley: Doctor Who Magazine Archivist

To John
Thank you for having the faith in me to give me the biggest opportunity of my life, and years of happiness in the most wonderful, enjoyable, fascinating job. Thank you for encouraging me when I needed it, and looking after me when things went wrong. And thank you for the boundless enthusiasm you’ve put into promoting all these very wonderful things in life. Have a terrific time! With deepest gratitude.
All the best

DWM issue 137, John’s first issue as editor.

Lee Sullivan: Artist, Radio Times and Doctor Who Magazine

Happy 50th John. It’s reassuring to know that you’re still younger than me. I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible 🙂
John and Lee Sullivan during the DWM panel at Panopticon 1988

Stephen James Walker: Writer, co-owner & co-editor Telos Publishing

Happy Birthday, John. Thanks for all those commissions you gave me, back in the day. You were a great editor to write for.
Telos partners, David J Howe and Stephen James Walker

Steve Holland: Comics historian and Bear Alley webmaster

Anniversaries are always worth celebrating, especially when it’s a biggie like the big five-oh. 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of The Three Bears, Scoop Donovan, John Steel and Rory MacDuff, amongst many others, including the ever-youthful John Freeman, who doesn’t seem to have changed much since we first met nearly twenty years ago when he was editor of Overkill at Marvel UK. Wiser, perhaps. As busy as ever, of course. But older? Maybe between scriptwriting, editorial chores and putting together downthetubes (10 years old itself) he just doesn’t have time to age. Happy birthday, John, and congratulations on your thirtieth 21st birthday in a row.

Best wishes,


Chief Bear in the Alley, Steve Holland.

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