Have Team TOXIC met their match?

The latest issue of Egmont’s TOXIC is in the shops now and it’s packed with comics strips and comes with no less than three free gifts — secret spy glasses, a water squirter and “Deadly 60 Trading Cards”.

One of the strip highlights in this comic magazine is Team Toxic, written and drawn by Lew Stringer, who tells us that this issue’s story sees the villainous Baron Spyboss (who he introduced back in January) put his ultimate scheme into action, and the Team finally meet their nemesis.

“Regular readers of TOXIC will know that in an earlier issue Spyboss stole Doc Shock’s brain — don’t worry, Doc had a spare,” says Lew on his blog. “Transferring Doc’s technical knowledge to his own mind, Spyboss uses it to take on the Team.”

How can Doc Shock defeat a foe who knows as much as he does, and what is the gob-smacking, jaw dropping secret of Spyboss?

• TOXIC 191 is on sale now from newsagents and supermarkets, price £2.75

• Go to www.toxicmag.co.uk/bigjoke to find out how YOU can meet Dick & Dom!

TOXIC © Egmont UK Ltd

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