Hell’s Gate Springs from Dublin!

comic_athellsgate.jpgThe recession may be bad news for most, but it has its silver lining. Case in point: it’s given Dublin-based comic creator Alan Nolan the chance to publish At Hell’s Gate, the kind of thing he’s always wanted to do but never had the time.

“Thanks to the global recession I’m now in a position to spend some time doing something I have always loved,” Alan told downthetubes, “writing and drawing comics.

“This is the first ever published work I have done and it came to life as a short story I put together one lazy afternoon.”

Reaction has been positive so far. “I believe that this is the first comic I have ever had in my hands that has been entirely produced by one person,” comments ComicRelated reviewer Daniel O’Leary. “That sheer fact alone is very impressive. Dubcity Comics is Alan Nolan and this first title from him is a doozy.

“…This is a well thought out book and Nolan has a great sense in his writing of where to reveal what at exactly the right moment. But as writer he does double duty on pencils and he uses the art to supplement his story effectively.”


At Hell’s Gate is based around the real events at Bobby Mackeys Music World, seemingly America’s most haunted site,” he reveals. “I’ve elaborated on the story to involve my own characters and scenarios.”

As for the origins of the macabre story, “It’s possible I was watching too many paranormal reality shows at the time,” Alan confesses, “but this formed the idea for me.”

A chilling horror tale, Alan’s pleased with this first outing. “All in all, I think it works as a general horror yarn,” he enthuses, “not too taxing on the brain, the way comics where when I was a good deal younger.”

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