In Review: Combat Colin No. 4 by Lew Stringer

Combat Colin No. 4 - CoverThe Book: Reprinting the “Combat Colin” stories from The Transformers Nos. 257 to 283, Combat Colin No.4 brings you fast-paced comedy-action that takes place beneath the sea, on Mars, in the Prehistoric past and in Colin’s home town of Wallytown!

Plus, it’s time to meet Combat Kate… is she friend or foe?

There’s only one way to find out, in another 32-page edition that includes Lew’s personal recollections of how the 1960s weekly SF comic TV Century 21 inspired him to draw.

Combat Colin No. 4 - Combat Colin meets Combat Kate

The Review: The strips in the latest Combat Colin collection were first published in Marvel UK’s Transformers comic while I was working for the company as editor of Doctor Who Magazine. I know this will sound like something of a travesty for fans of the Autobots and Deceptions, but I have to confess that reading this latest collection of Combat Colin, this bonkers strip was the first thing I turned to in the comic, when new issues circulated in the offices.

There are a number of strips and elements to this edition that spark a number of memories for me, particularly the Combat Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve finger puppets that dominate one episode; and Lew Stringer’s glorious fourth wall breakouts that are sprinkled throughout.

Combat Colin No.4 - Finger Puppets

Two great panels from different "Combat Colin" stories in Combat Colin No.4, one jabbing a fork at gutter press journalism, the other breaking the fourth wall in style

Two great panels from different “Combat Colin” stories in Combat Colin No.4, one jabbing a fork at gutter press journalism, the other breaking the fourth wall in style

Add in some wonderful homage to 1960s Marvel classic comics – Jack Kirby’s photo montages from Fantastic Four spring to mind, with a splash of Jim Steranko homage, too – plus a nod to The Prisoner, to boot, and what do you have? A fabulously silly and thoroughly enjoyable comic, that’s what.

Combat Colin No. 4

Psychedelic Combat Colin!

Plus, we get Combat Kate, too, and what a great addition to the “Lewniverse” she is.

With a mix of one-off gag strips and multi-episode stories, if you’ve bought and enjoyed the first three Combat Colin collections, then you know what to expect from this humour comic.

If you haven’t bought the first three Combat Colin collections, then what’s keeping you?

Combat Colin No. 4 - Half Holiday

Combat Colin No. 4 - Merchandise Madness

Just like the first three issues of the classic strip, Combat Colin No.4 is great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the issue. Do check it out on Lew’s official site, or buy it from him direct at one of his many convention appearances… including London Film and Comic Con this weekend!

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Combat Colin © Lew Stringer

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