In Review: Shaman Kane #8 by David Broughton

Another smashing issue of Shaman Kane from David Broughton is out in the wild. Grab a copy soon!

Shaman Kane #8 by David Broughton - Cover

David Broughton has been publishing Shaman Kane came for some time now, running one-off and serialised stories in his terrific melding of science fiction and superhero. The latest issue, released earlier this year, continues a great run of SF horror tales.

In Issue Eight – “What Awaits on Sigma 958?” – in the main story for the issue, we’re back to a one-shot story – but it’s quite a delight, with Shaman asked to investigate a mystery behind a mining time which has gone silent on the frontier planet.

Shaman Kane #8 by David Broughton - Sample Page

It’s not long before he is up against what appears to be a dangerous bunch of alien beasts, splendidly realised, but there’s a deeper mystery behind the threat. However, I don’t want to spoil things by giving the ending to the story away.

Shaman Kane #8 by David Broughton - Sample Page
Shaman Kane #8 by David Broughton - Sample Page

Often, when reading David‘s work, and enjoying his art, the scale of his stories I’m remind me of the sense of wonder that I got watching films like Forbidden Planet and reading Jack Kirby’s New Gods and 2001 tales as a kid, and 2000AD, too – and this latest, enjoyable story is no different.

“What Awaits on Sigma 958?” is great fun, and, as usual, cracks along at a merry pace, taking no prisoners in the telling.

We’re also treated to a short opening teaser of what looks to be new multi-part epic, and a new danger for Shaman Kane. I’m looking forward to that!

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