In Review: The Tammy and Jinty Special 2020

Review by John Freeman

Trailed earlier this year by the Treasury of British Comics, the new Tammy and Jinty Special will be published next week, on Wednesday 12th August, and it’s well worth looking out for.

Rather than the short form stories of other revivals of other classic titles and characters, Rebellion have instead plumped for presenting two new and entertaining long stories, alongside a reprint of the first episode of “Ping Pong Paula”, first published in 1975, linking with a terrific interview with Alison Fitt (known then as Alison Christie), who was at the coalface writing for British girl’s comics in their heyday.

Alison talks candidly about her experiences working for Jinty and Tammy on such strips as “Heart of Stone”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Ping Pong Paula”.

A very nicely packaged 52-page title, wrapped in a beautiful cover from DC Bombshells artist Marguerite Sauvage, the Tammy and Jinty Special offers some terrific work by Rachael Smith (Wired Up Wrong), RAMZEE (Zorse), Yishan Li (Hellboy & The B.P.R.D.), and Elkys Nova (Roy of the Rovers).

In “Boarding School”, Tabatha and her little brother Richard are the only pupils in a mysterious old building. The only other people they have ever seen are the Governesses – four teachers who fawn over the younger sibling but treat Tabatha very badly. Does it have something to do with Richard’s special power? When Tabatha finds a new friend in the outside world, her old life quickly starts to unravel.

The art throughout on this is terrific, and we get a very nice set up for a continuing tale, although, without giving too much away, any follow up might have to be given a new name… Great fun.

In “The Return of Cat Girl”, an old favourite from the pages of Sally returns as fourteen-year-old Claire finds an old cat costume in her mother’s wardrobe. She wears it to a social media star’s party, unware that she has just donned the magical mantle of the super-sleek crime fighter, Cat-Girl.

Another smashing strip, with top draw art, to boot.

We’re also treated to retrospective by Karl Stock of the original “Cat Girl” artist Giorgio Georgetti, in part told through memories of his life from his son, Riccardo, who contacted downthetubes a while back, and we passed his information to Rebellion. It’s a fascinating insight into his career, cut tragically short at a fairly young age through cancer.

This is a smashing new Special from Rebellion/ Treasury of British Comics, well deserving of your attention and wallets. Recommended!

The Tammy & Jinty Special 2020 is available from 12th August from all good newsagents and comic book stores, as well as here on the Treasury of British Comics web shop

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2 replies

  1. Where are today’s equivalent stories of Ping-Pong Paula? Do they exist?

  2. Just guessing here – Paula ends up earning money by entering ping-pong competitions and that enables them to afford the new house?

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