Is Your Comic Shop offering Kerbside Collections? Let comics writer Leah Williams know!

Coronavirus Kerbside Collections Map - Early VersionMarvel Comics writer Leah Williams is assembling data about comic shops offering kerbside collections, not just in the US, during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Let her know via Twitter on this thread if your local comic shop is providing ways for to get their comics without having to collect them in person, because of self isolation issues.

(Be aware when navigating this thread that, sadly, a someone chose to spam it – hopefully Twitter will block and delete the account soon).

“Tell me what ways you’re changing things up (like doing curbside pickups, shipping, that kind of thing) or any other ways people can support you online or by phone that you can think of,” X-Factor writer Leah asks comic shop owners.

“The idea is just to create one comprehensive resource with everything we’ll need to navigate how the comics retail landscape is changing with Coronavirus,” she explains.

The map above is just a quick ‘n dinky trial run she threw together in two seconds using with a small slice of info that is now coming from an even bigger data pie.

“Yesterday it began with 20 shops and now we’re at 300 – so let’s keep it goin’ baby!” she enthused.

“The big boy map will have many layers that can be toggled on and off depending on what people want to look at – shops with kerbside pickup, ones with live claim sales through social media, or even lcs with online stores who also sell board games and MtG.

Leah Williams:

Leah Williams: “We just have to act like a community.”

“In the next 2-3 months, one possibility that comics retailers may be facing is still having their typical amount of purchased stock coming in, except none of their customers will be coming to pay for their pulls. And with an active quarantine, reduced foot traffic is more likely.

“The U.S. is already most likely looking at our next big economic crisis coming up fairly soon, but I think it’s a good idea for the comics community to rally around local retailers and comics shops starting now – because that will arrive only after an unprecedented, clumsily-handled pandemic event has been throttling their profits for days, weeks, or (I think) around 2-3 months. So I have been aggressively collating data about local comic shops, and all the different ways we can help them.

“We’re gonna be okay,” she notes enthusiastically, despite the situation the world is in. “We just have to act like a community.”

Let her know via Twitter on this thread if your local comic shop is providing ways for to get their comics without having to collect them in person, because of self isolation issues

The regular downthetubes British and Irish Comic Shop Map is here

• Oregon-based comics PR specialists Don’t Hide PR have also created the #WEALLHIDE submission form for comic shops to share your web store info in a comprehensive press blast. Click here to sign up

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