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The Goodies

You might find out why The Goodies feature in this ACP catch up below!

I’m not quite sure why the wonderful woolly mammoth that is Awesome Podcast and downthetubes contributor Tony Esmond doesn’t plug said ACP here himself (perhaps he’s too shy, or just busy with his night job as a Steven Seagal impersonator), but anyway, we’re behind promoting this lively audio forum for independent comics again!

So, what have you missed?

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 71: What is a comic convention without interaction? Whether it’s with your audience or with your favourite creator, how those moments go can effect your overall experience of a convention. And so the Awesome Comics gang – Dan Butcher, Tony Esmond and Vince Hunt – discuss the high, lows and awkward moments of their con experiences, read out listener messages and some very interesting poll results and an oddly high number of toilet stories.

There’s also some talk about Nottingham Comic Con, the trio’s opinions on the Doctor Strange film – and there’s another Action Dan question to test co-host Dan Butcher’s action film knowledge. Plus, as an extra treat is a small bit of audio from New York Comic Con with Tony and Vera Greenstreet.

Basically, there’s tons in this episode so check it out and enjoy!

Also mentioned: Porcelain: Ivory Tower, Cops vs Sharkwolves, The Belfry

Listen right here! (Some adult language):

Awesome Comics Podcast Convention Special: It’s an extra special convention… er… special, as the Awesome Pod has a plethera of convention audio joy to give you.

First up is a couple of panels from Nottingham Comic Con 2016; a fantastic small press panel featuring the likes of Rachael Smith, Dan Berry, Chris Imber and Nick Prolix, and then the Awesome Pod panel itself, all about small press and why you should choose it.

If that’s not enough, then check out some great interviews that come direct from the floor of Thought Bubble 2016! Emily Owen (Pup & Grumpicorn) managed to chat to some amazing creators about their new work and ACP has got the exclusive audio for you.

It’s a jamboree of convention audio joy, so check it out!

Listen right here! (Some adult language):

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 72: The ACP gang take on the topic of comics pricing! The price of digital, how overpriced some collections can be, the prices of small press books at conventions and getting your money’s worth all get discussed, as well as some interesting listener polls and emails get read.

It’s a topic that doesn’t get discussed too much, especially by silly shows that make toilet humour seem high brow, but the ACP give it a good go.

There’s also the usual comics banter, great comics are discussed, the 1980s movie quiz Action Dan gets interesting and there’s the debut of a new, emotionally charged segement called ‘Ask Aunty Tony’.

It’s another comical show on every level, so check it out!

Also mentioned: The Naked Artist: Comic Book Legends Expanded Edition, Sparks, Blue Fox Comics, Project Autumn

Listen right here! (Some adult language):

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 73: This week the spotlight is on a webcomic very close to the hearts of everyone in the ACP, Vanguard! Dan Butcher’s brilliant superhero series gets discussed and Dan finds himself on the receiving end of interview questions. There’s loads of great info for future webcomic makers and for fans of Vanguard itself.

Vanguard Promotional Image by Dan Butcher


Plus there’s another Action Dan question, Tony does something special live on air and Vince offers the sign off to someone else this epusode.

Listen right here! (Some adult language):

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 74: This episode, the gang are talking about the staple of the comic book scene – the anthology. And to help with the conversation they’re joined by the creator of the comic series Cognition and editor of the anthology series Sliced, Ken Reynolds.

Together with Ken, the gang talk about some classic anthology series, the job of editing a small press anthology, what draws people to buying an anthology and so much more!

Theres also another Action Dan question and NSFW humour galore. Dont miss it!

Also discussed: Ken Reynolds, Sliced Quarterly, Warrior, Wildcat, Oink!, Big Trouble in Little China/ Escape from New York, Vampire Hunter D and It’s Ghastly: The Untimely Demise of Scream

Listen right here! (Some adult language):

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* So just why were The Goodies highlighted in ACP social media this week? Apparently the suggestion is that ACP Episode 74’s guest Ken Reynolds looks like Dougal. We’re trying to figure this one out ourselves…

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