Latest Phil-Comics eBay auction offers rare British comics with free gifts, and much more

You’ll find around 200 vintage comic listings in the latest Phil-Comics ebay auction, which starts closing this weekend, Sunday 17th April 2022. On offer are a host of British comics, including issues with their original free gifts, annuals, bound volumes and more.

The team are always happy to combine postage and, if you like what you see, feel free to click the heart image next to the username ‘phil-comics’ in their ebay shop to save them as a seller.

Here are just some of the cracking items on offer…

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  • Action No. 2, cover dated 21st February 1976, With Free Gift
  • Wartime issues of DC Thomson's Adventure storypaper, Issues 1001 - 1044, published in 1941
  • The Christmas Beano for 1971, No. 1536, cover dated 25th December 1971
  • The tabloid-sized "Big One" comic No. 1, cover dated 17th October 1964
  • The first issue of Champion, cover dated 24th February 1966
  • US title Creepy No. 1 (1964)
  • Dandy Summer Special 1968
  • Eagle Special Investigator Book (1953) by Macdonald Hastings
  • Jet No. 3, cover dated 15th May 1971
  • Lady Penelope No. 50, cover dated 15th March 1967
  • Scorcher No. 3 cover dated 24th January 1970, With Free Gift
  • The first issue of SMASH!, cover dated 5th February 1966, With Free Gift
  • Star Trek Annual 1974
  • Various issues of Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain, offered in one lot, published in 1977
  • Thunderbirds are Go TV21 film Special
  • A promotional flyer for the first three issues of Topper (1953)
  • Various issues of the boys adventure comic, Valiant, as one lot
  • Warlord Nos 1, 2, and 3, published by DC Thomson in 1974
  • A fireworks issue of WHAM!, cover dated 6th November 1967
  • Wizard Book for Boys 1938

Run by Phil Shrimpton, Phil-Comics specialises in vintage comics and related items such as annuals, holiday specials, free gifts and original artwork.

Holding monthly eBay auctions, often with 500+ listings, they aim to bring a diverse array of items – and are always on the lookout for vintage comic collections, either to buy or auction on commission.

Head to for the full catalogue 

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