“Fight with Art” exhibition opens in Kraków

Fight with Art Exhibition - Manggha Museum, Kraków, Poland (2022)

Fight with Art is a dynamic exhibition currently taking place at the at the Manggha Museum, in Kraków, Poland, with a focus on art from Ukrainian artists created under exceptional circumstances. James Bacon reports…

Incredibly relevant as the war continues in Ukraine, the Fight with Art exhibition at the Manggha Museum, in Kraków, Poland, which runs until 30th April 2022, is a thoughtful and honest expression of what is happening now.

The first two works were created in March by Dima Fatum, a street art artist who was involved in a territorial defence of Kharkiv, the exhibition’s promotional poster also featuring art by Dima. All of the art works are war-related, and were created between shellings.

Art by Dima Fatum
Art by Dima Fatum

Curated by Polish artist, curator and columnist Artur Wabik, the exhibition was created by FestivALT and Muzeum Komiksu, thanks to the support of Allianz Kulturstiftung.

“While providing shelter to refugees, and sending food and supplies to the fighters, we must not forget that our first language of expression is culture and art. With this strong foundation, we can fight today for truth and peace,” said Artur.

"Rebuild" by Yarko Filevych
“Rebuild” by comic artist and illustrator, Yarko Filevych
Art by Kateryna Kocheleva
Art by Kateryna Kocheleva
"Ukraine" by Dartsya Zironka
“Ukraine” by Dartsya Zironka

“This war that now engulfs Ukraine meant that many of these artists had to put away their pencils and paintbrushes and reach for real weapons. One of them is street art artist, Dima Fatum, whose illustration, which is the leitmotif of the exhibition, was created a few days ago in the bombed Kharkiv. Others emigrated to Poland, where they started cooperation with the local artistic community and formed new friendships.

“Fight With Art is a living, experimental exhibition that will change. As life has now unexpectedly changed because of the war in Ukraine.”

Artists from both Kyiv and Lviv are represented, many members of Ukrainian Assembly Comix or The Will Publishing. In addition to the exhibition, there will local meetings with Ukrainian artists and art critics who are already in Kraków, and there are plans to launch an auction of selected art by the end of April. 

James Bacon

• Fight with Art 4th – 30th April 2022, The Manggha Museum, Marri Konopnickiej 26, Krakow, Poland Web: manggha.pl (in Polish) | Exhibition Page | Facebook

Dima Fatum is on Foundation – a platform that aims to build a new creative economy | Instagram

Follow Artur Wabik on Instagram

• Yarko Filevych – www.filevych.com

Ukrainian Assembly Comix

The Will Publishing

Video of exhibition by Viktoriia Steblyk (via Facebook)

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