Locking Down the Unknown: 300 Page Digital Comic Collection and ‘Fallen Heroes’ novel Free for Limited Time

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Barry Nugent, the founder of Unseen Shadows, has released a free, limited time release of all of much-acclaimed project’s comic one-shots that have been published to date; a Coronavirus Pandemic-inspired offer echoing the generous nature of many other authors and comic creators in recent months for fans.

“One of the amazing upsides I have seen since this pandemic began is the amount of stuff my fellow creatives out there have been doing to help ease people’s time in isolation,” says Barry. “In the spirit of that I’ve decided to offer a special digital edition entitled Unseen Shadows along with my novel, Fallen Heroes.”

The Unseen Shadows Transmedia Universe is dedicated to expanding the world and characters created in the bestselling novel Fallen Heroes through transmedia storytelling.

Created by author Barry Nugent, the Unseen Shadows Universe expands the world and characters created within the pages of his bestselling Urban Fantasy novel Fallen Heroes and its sequel, Forgotten Warriors. The stories are told across multiple platforms, including books, comics, audio and more, delivered by a diverse creative team to work within.

Unseen Shadows: Wrath of God

Alongside Barry, creators include writers such as Lizzie Boyle, Corey Brotherson, Martin Conaghan and Cy Dethan, and artists such as Conor Boyle, Valia Kapadai, Alex Moore and Pete Woods.

“These are not just nice little side stories with no impact on the events surrounding them,” Barry explains. “The spin-off titles expand and enhance the characters lives and relationships within the novels.

At the heart of the Unseen Shadows Universe is a secret war which has waged since the first crusade and still continues to this day.

“These standalone tales are 100 per cent canon to the Unseen Shadows universe and can be enjoyed without having to read the novels first. It’s all about offering you the choice to enjoy Unseen Shadows in a way that works for you.”

This digital edition, which runs to over 300 pages, contains all of the comic one-shots for the project that that have been published to date, described as “rip-roaring, testosterone-fuelled pulp fiction with soldiers and mysteries and all-round weird stuff” by Jonathan Ross in his introduction to the Tales of the Fallen collection.

“It was important to me that these titles can be read, watched and listened to independently of each other and the novels,” says Barry, “but you will get more insights into the characters by experiencing everything the Unseen Shadows Universe has to offer.

“Take care, happy reading and stay safe!”

Unseen Shadows: Blood Cries Out

If you enjoy what you read in this limited time free comics collection, then you may also want to check out the recently-released Blood Cries Out, a comic that was released last year after six years in development, not included in the free collection. It’s an absolutely stunning-looking, gritty supernatural action adventure, featuring characters taken from the pages of the bestselling novels Fallen Heroes and Forgotten Warriors.

Blood Cries Out, written by Cy Dethan, with art by Conor Boyle, lettered by Nic Wilkinson, centres on The Reverend, a weapon forged by fate and the cruelties of men, his life an endless crusade waged in shadow and blood.

The character made his comic debut in the one shot story Wrath of God included in the digital collection written by Cy Dethan with art by Steve Penfold, colours by Gat Melvyn and lettering by Nic Wilkinson.

Although Blood Cries Out is a standalone comic, it pulls on story threads from Wrath of God and The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh, also written by Cy.

• You cannot get this digital version anywhere online and will only available here for free until 11th June. The full list of the comics included are The Lament of Lady Mary, Knights of Cademus, Operation Solomon, Fight or Flight, Historia, Wrath of God, Fragments of Fate, Band of Butchers, Stolen, The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh and Fallen Heroes: Prologue

The link will take you to a dropbox folder containing high and low res versions of the collections and the novel. 

Check out Unseen Shadows here online

Buy Blood Cries Out by Cy Dethan, Conor Boyle and Nic Wilkinson

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