Marvel Fact Files Returns Attention to Marvel UK

Marvel Fact Files Issue 149 Cover by Alan Davis

The long-running Marvel Fact Files, available through most UK newsagents, turns its attention back on Marvel UK (and more) with Issue 149 later this month, having last given the British versions of the US publisher’s heroes back in Issue 97, released last January.

This new issue of the part work title, on sale from 21st January, features an original cover (echoing the classic 1985 Captain Britain Issue One) and an original gatefold feature written and illustrated by Alan Davis, plus rundowns of several Marvel UK series and characters, unpublished stories and more, along with a profile of comic artist, writer and Marvel UK Editorial Director Paul Neary.

“We crammed as much Marvel UK history and characters as humanly possible into MFF Issue 97, but inevitably much was missed out,” the Eaglemoss title’s editor, John Tomlinson, tells us. “This issue redresses the balance, profiling some of the award-winning Panini UK stories as well as never-before-seen characters and titles from the 1993 UK explosion that never was.”

I’m pleased to have been asked to contribute to this issue, penning a retrospective of the four-issue limited series Mys-TECH Wars, which I co-edited (one of the last books I worked on at the company), written by Dan Abnett and drawn by a young Bryan Hitch.

This special issue of Marvel Fact Files goes on sale from 21st January 2016.

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Full Contents Listing

Spider-Man: Untold Tales
Classic Panini UK Spider-Man stories.
Writer: Ferg Handley

Marvel Fact Files 149 - MysTECH Wars

Mys-TECH Wars 
The epic Marvel UK event limited series
Writer: John Freeman

The Road to Marvel UK
How it all began, from 1950s reprints to award-winning originated strips
Writer: Lew Stringer

Short-lived but cool successor to Night Raven, a UK-originated title published in the US.
Writer: Stuart Vandal

Marvel Fact Files Issue 149 Mastermind Gatefold Marvel Fact Files Issue 149 Mastermind Gatefold 2

Gatefold feature about the sentients super-computer, doubling as a handy history of Captain Britain. Written and illustrated by Alan Davis.

Long gone but fondly remembered time travel tale by Paul Neary and Mick Austin
Writer: Stuart Vandal

The Cherubim
Walkabout warpies; the mutant children of the Jaspers Warp from Captain Britain’s universe.
Writer: Mike Collins

Creator: Paul Neary
Biog of the other Marvel UK mastermind
Writer: Glenn Dakin

Marvel Fact Files 149 Spider-Man: Tower of Power

Spider-Man: Tower of Power
UK-originated Spidey stories from the eponymous Eaglemoss title
Writer: Glenn Dakin

Dai Thomas
From hero-hater to Knight of Pendragon
Writer: Stuart Vandal

Marvel Fact Files 149 - Avengers: Rampaging Heroes

Avengers: Rampaging Heroe
Award-winning Panini UK Avengers, X-Men and Captain Britain stories
Writer: Ferg Handley

Lost Worlds of Marvel UK
Never before seen titles and characters from the cancelled 1993 Marvel UK explosion
Writer: Stuart Vandal
For my listing of unpublished Marvel UK projects click here

Paranormal investigation agency peopled with classic UK-originated characters
Writer: Simon Furman

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  1. This seems like an opportune time and appropriate place to publically thank all the writers, artists, editors, etc. – including our host here, John Freeman – who generously and kindly provided me with information and artwork from projects planned, considered, commissioned, etc. that were then abandoned due to Marvel UK’s sudden 1990’s contractions. I couldn’t have put together the entry on the Lost Worlds without their help, and that entry would not exist without the inspiration provided by Starblogged, It Came From Darkmoor and Down The Tubes in spreading the word about the existence of many of these projects. My only regret is that space constraints meant each lost project only got a very small amount of individual coverage – the entry could easily have filled two or three times as many pages.

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