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Marvel Fact Files 97 Cover


On sale now is Issue 97 of the Marvel Fact Files part work published by Eaglemoss – a Marvel UK-themed issue wrapped in a stunning cover by Mike Perkins with features on a range of characters created for the company including Captain Britain, Death’s Head, Night Raven, Dark Angel, Dragon’s Claws, Motormouth and the Sleeze Brothers.

Editor John Tomlinson – a former Marvel UK editor and comics writer himself – commissioned features from a number of MUK staffers and freelancers to write articles for the special issue, including Lew Stringer, who wrote a feature on the originated “Incredible Hulk” strips that had appeared in Hulk Comic in the 1970s.

A sneak peek at one page of the Sleeze Brothers page of Marvel Fact Files 97.

A sneak peek at one page of the Sleeze Brothers page of Marvel Fact Files 97.


I was delighted to be asked to compile the Sleeze Brothers feature, offering a potted history of the creator-owned detective duo created by John Carnell and Andy Lanning, characters who made an anarchic appearance in Doctor Who Magazine during my editorship in “Follow That Tardis!” (Issue 147), which was commissioned and edited by Richard Starkings.

Some British comic shops stock Marvel Fact Files but you may not be able to find it in newsagents. Although part works are launched in newsagents they go subscription only after 5-10 issues. Interested parties can always subscribe:

You can also buy the single issue direct from Eaglemoss, without subscribing, in their online shop.

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Full Contents Listing

Hulk: The Forgotten Adventures
UK-originated strips from Hulk Weekly (1979). Text by Lew Stringer

Night Raven
From Parkhouse/Lloyd origins to Delano/Lloyd graphic novel. Afterword by Jamie Delano

Captain Britain
In ancient Albion: the Parkhouse/Stokes era. Text by Simon Furman

Spidey In The UK
The first UK-originated Spider-Man stories by Collins, Farmer and Kitson. Text by Mike Collins

Mys-TECH Central
Gatefold feature about the subterranean HQ, original art by technical illustrator Myles Talbot

Marvel UK Timeline
From Mighty World of Marvel weekly to Revolutionary War. Text by Win Wiacek

Dragon’s Claws
2000AD meets Rollerball: text by writer/creator Simon Furman

The Clandestine
The Marvel UK/US crossover story by Alan Davis. Text by Glenn Dakin

The Sleeze Brothers
John Carnell and Andy Lanning’s crazy space detectives. Text by John Freeman

The Knights of Pendragon
The first (and last) green comics series

Death’s Head’s Greatest Hits
The history of the original Death’s Head told via contract killings. Text by writer/creator Simon Furman

Revolutionary War
Feature by co-writer/creator Alan Cowsill about how Marvel’s latest Marvel UK mini-series Revolutionary War came about, with quotes from Kieron Gillen, Rob Williams, Glenn Dakin and Gary Erskine

The gobby Mys-Tech agent from origin to single motherhood in Revolutionary War. Text by Revolutionary War writer Glenn Dakin

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  1. You can buy the single issue direct from Eaglemoss, without subscribing, in their online shop. £1 postage beats running round newsagents on a futile quest.

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