Go Monkey Nuts!

Following up on our earlier post about the new DFC comic, just to note the Etherington Brothers Monkey Nuts comic makes its debut in The Guardian this coming Saturday (23rd February).

Monkey Nuts by the Etherington Brothers - The Guardian

“After a long(ish) period of enforced silence we are proud to finally announce that StudioBlinkTwice is back with a comic vengeance!” they tell us, revealing Robin and Lawrence have been studiously ferreting away on a number of brand new comic properties which will form part of the line up of the brand new weekly comic, DFC.

The boys have also been working up material for release in The Guardian newspaper’s weekend supplement, The Comic, and the first issue of their brand new series, Monkey Nuts, which will also run in DFC, hits the shelves of every newsagent/ supermarket/ garage/ fish & chip shop in the country on Saturday 23rd February.

So, get ready to meet Sid and Rivet – a most unlikely crime busting, weirdness-fighting duo.
Their mission: to protect the tranquillity of the Bermudan paradise, the Isla de Monstera, from all manner of oddballs and criminals.

Your mission: to laugh at their hopeless endeavours.

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