Moose Kids, the free humour e-comic for kids (of all ages) is back!

Moose Kids Comic Issue 2 - Promo

It’s live! Moose Kid Comics Issue 2, filled with yet more amazing all-ages comics, has just been launched on an unsuspecting internet by editor and publisher Jamie Smart – and it’s just as packed with great comic strips from a huge range of creators as last year’s first issue.

Moose Kid Comics launched their first issue in the summer of 2014, winning a lot of attention for its vibrant mix of funny characters and ridiculous stories. The title is the brainchild of top comic creator Jamie Smart, best known for his work on mainstream comics such as The Beano and The Phoenix, who has long decried the parlous state of British comics. Together with the team he quickly gathered, he aims to restore some vitality to the genre made famous by weekly British comics like The Beano, Whizzer and Chips and Oink!, whilst combining it all with the modern sensibilities of Adventure Time.

Each creator is given complete freedom to write and draw whatever characters they want, and that creative freedom bursts through from every page. From crime-fighting tigers to child barbarians, farting unicorns and vegetable best friends, Moose Kid Comics Issue 2 has it all!

Moose Kids Comic Issue Two - Cover

Sunny by Aaron Alexovich

Sunny by Aaron Alexovich

This new showcase of terrific talent includes, in appearance order: (links to creators web sites, read the comic to read their contributions!) “The Storymaker” by Jamie Smart and Emily Kimbell (the story of a big smelly ogre); “Cecil P. Wombat” by Jess Bradley;  “Gurber” by Tom Plant; “Gimbal and Chug” by Alan Ryan; “Baked Alaska” by Steve Tillotson; “Doctor Weirdbeard, Monster Medic” by Aaron Blecha; “La Mariposa” by James Lawrence; “The Anomalies” by James Downing; “Moss, The Goth Panda” by Aisyah Stevens; “Pet Crusaders” by Gary Northfield;  “Tippy” by Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards; “Beasticles” by Viviane Schwarz; “Flora and Fauna” by Laura Howell; “Fist Bump” by Craig Knowles; “Nan Tastic” by Matt Baxter; “The Preposterous Adventures of Sir Loynstake” by Rick Eades; “Young Tank Girl” by Alan Martin and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell; “Crunchwood” by Dan Gaynor; “Sunny von Monster” by Aaron Alexovich; “Hocus Baloney” by Mark Stafford; “Sir Baby, The Magical Unicorn”; “Big Things Hiding Behind Small Things” by Andrew Waugh; “Crombie the Zombie” by Tom Paterson; “Lonely Jonesy” by Alexander Matthews; “Food Fighters” by Stephen Waller; “Tiger Patrol” by Lindsey Lea; “The Amazing Seymour” by Rachael Smith; “Porc” by Andreas Schuster; “Trash Planet” by Hamish Steele; “Andy of the Ants” by Wilbur Dawburn; “Primrose the Apothecat” by Samantha Davies; “Doug Slugman, P.I.” by Joe List; “The L’il Dead Guys” by Roger Langridge; “Meat Skull the Boy-Barian” and “Nicholas the Ridiculous” by Chris Garbutt; “Kit and Marlowe” by Vincent Woodcock; “Last One Out” by Will Kirby; and “Mister Plops” by…

— well, as if a character called “Plops” isn’t the work that wretched master of mirth Jamie Smart (and Tom Plant), the same Jamie who also created the Moose who flies through the comic, chased by Surfer Wizard? Isn’t it enough that he put this comic together while he should have been making dinner?!

Moose Kids 2: Crunchwood By Dan Gaynor

The Storymaker by Jamie Smart & Emily Kembell

The Storymaker by Jamie Smart & Emily Kembell

“There was a definite demand for more Moose Kid Comics,” Jamie says. “From parents, children, comic artists, even publishers, everyone wanted issue one to succeed and continue. The goodwill towards it really showed that people want more children’s comics in the world.”

“Our main advantage was that we didn’t have any budgets, any distribution, any demographics. Every artist contributes their work, and the whole thing is released online for free. As a result, we don’t have to worry about who we’re appealing to or how it’s going to sell, we just have to make the most fun comics we can, and that’s how you get the best results.”

Moose Kid Comics is called all-ages because it is just that – kids love it as much as experienced comic readers do. We made the best comic we could, and now we’ve come back to do it again.”

A new comic featuring comics by over 40 top comic artists? Young Tank Girl? And it’s free? Why exactly are you still here? Oh! You want a web link…

Moose Kid Comics Issue 2 is free to read at | Find Moose Kids Comic on Facebook

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