More Doctor Who “Daft Dimension” offered on eBay – and a rare copy of FOOM, featuring first ever New X-Men appearance!

Comic artist Lew Stringer has another “The Daft Dimension” strip on offer on eBay – and a very rare top quality copy of the Marvel house magazine FOOM No.10, too, containing the first ever appearance of the new X-Men, published in 1975.

On offer is the original artwork for “The Daft Dimension” comic strip that appeared in Panini UK’s Doctor Who Magazine No.497 in 2016, featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara.

Daft Dimension by Lew Stringer - Doctor Who Magazine No. 497

This is original art, not a print or reproduction, a crazy “What If” strip imagining what instrument the Doctor might have played – if he hadn’t performed with a guitar in this incarnation.

Of interest to Marvel fans will be another item Lew is selling – FOOM issue No.10, published in 1975, the comics news/article magazine published by Marvel Comics. This contains the first appearance of the new X-Men and pre-dates Giant Size X-Men No.1 and X-Men #94, the cover by Dave Cockrum revealing the mutant team for the first time.

FOOM issue No.10 - X-Men cover by Dave Cockrum

“I’m not a grader but I’d say this issue is Very Fine minus (7.5) VF- Key issue based on the Overstreet Grading Guide,” says Lew. “It has had one careful owner (me) and I’ve only read it once, back in 1975, and stored it away from damp and direct sunlight in my studio.

“This edition of FOOM is much sought after due to it featuring the very first appearance of the new X-Men line-up featuring Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus before they appeared in Giant-Size X-Men No.1.

FOOM issue No.10
FOOM issue No.10

The magazine also contains various articles including ‘Mutation of the Species’, ‘X-Men! X-Me! Read all about ’em!’, ‘Marvel at the Con!’ and ‘Dept of Infoomation’.

A very desirable early Bronze Age Marvel item, the starting auction price reflects its rarity,,similar copies selling for around £1000 or more.

Lew Stringer is a writer and artist of humour comics and has been freelancing in the UK comics industry for almost 40 years. His credits involve work for a range of age groups including Combat Colin for Marvel UK, Tom Thug for Fleetway, “The Pathetic Sharks” for Viz, “Team Toxic” for Toxic Magazine and many more. He’s been published in The Dandy, Oink!, Buster, Sonic the Comic, and numerous other titles. He?s also had a lifelong interest in the history of British comics and has written articles for the BBC website, Comics World magazine and others. Lew currently does “Pup Parade” for The Beano, “The Daft Dimensionfor Doctor Who Magazine, and “Sgt Shouty” for The77.

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