More Jack Staff issues released for iPhone

A quick plug, courtesy of digital comics distributor Comixology, to remind folk here that Paul Grist’s wonderful Jack Staff is available on iPhone and more.

Out now are Issue 9 and 10, with Issue 9 offering “Titanic team-up action as Britain’s Greatest Hero, Jack Staff, and Castletown’s Cast Iron Champrion, Tom Tom the Robot Man, join forces in the hunt for superhero-hating Detective Inspector Maveryk!

You’ll also learn the full details of the Freedom Fighters’ battle to halt the Nazi invasion of Castletown in 1942.

In Issue 10, it’s time for more action from Karl Stringer, a man who was just a thief until he stole the Claw, a strange metal glove that bonded with his own hand and gave him the power of invisibility! He became the mysterious Super Villain known as The Claw – until the police caught up with him.

Right now he’s called Ben Kurmer and he’s part of Q, the enigmatic investigators of the Question Mark Crimes – only when he gets caught up in a diamond robbery, he has to decide if he’s really a hero or a villain!

More info on Issue 9 of Jack Staff on the Comixology site

More info on Issue 10 of Jack Staff on the Comixology site

More about Jack Staff on Wikipedia

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