The original Death’s Head returns in Marvel Heroes

A page from the new Death’s Head
versus Hulk story by Simons Furmsn
and Williams. Via Simon’s blog

(with thanks to Simon Williams): One of Marvel UK’s most popular characters, Death’s Head, is set to return in an all-new story for Panini Comics Marvel Heroes.

Issue 33 of the newstand title, on sale in March, will see the original Freelance Peacekeeping Agent Death’s  Head back in action – and fighting none other than the Incredible Hulk.

“For the past month or so, I’ve been making hints on both my Facebook and Twitter accounts in regards to a certain project that I’ve been working on,” says Simon on his official web site on deviantart, “a project which I truly believe is the most exciting thing I’ve worked on since breaking into the comics business in 2003.

“Well, after numerous weeks of teasing the masses, I can now finally spill the beans… Death’s Head is back! The original Freelance Peacekeeping Agent is returning to the pages of of a UK comic, in the pages of Panini Comics’ Marvel Heroes, in a tale written by original Death’s Head creator Simon Furman, with art by yours truly.

“It’s the second part of a two-part story (both parts in the same issue), the first written by Ferg Handley with art by John Ross. Death’s Head grand entrance however isn’t until our part of the tale.”

“Amazingly, this marks my first work on the original Death’s Head since the early 1990s,” says Simon Furman, “when he guest-starred in the likes of She-Hulk, Marvel Comics Presents and Death’s Head.”

A page of Simon Williams’
fan fiction tale featuring
Death’s Head and Hulk

For Simon Williams, this is a dream come true – the accomplished artist even created his own Hulk versus Death’s Head strip just for fun some time back, which features in his online gallery.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been campaigning for the return of Death’s Head since I broke into comics,” Simon enthuses, “so I can’t begin to tell you how excited and proud I am to be part of this.”

For him, the fact that Death’s Head will be fighting none other than the Hulk is “icing on the cake”.

“Honestly, my job could never get any better than this,” says Simon. “I know for sure that a lot of Marvel UK and Transformers fans out there are going to be very pleased with this news!!

Marvel Heroes Issue 33 is on sale in all good UK newsagents from 24th March 2011. Death’s Head is back… and it’s about time, yes?

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